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FRANCONIA, NH — During travels throughout North America and around the world, Vespar Duffy and her husband have always taken the time to explore the local architecture and real estate market.

"With my interest in style and design, including architectural and interior design for homes, real estate has always been a significant interest of mine," says Duffy, who recently joined Badger Peabody & Smith Realty as a sales agent in their Franconia office. "Location plays a big part in real estate, but I've always felt that a home's design is also essential to a compelling property and a satisfied client, so I'm very excited to share my knowledge with our buyers and sellers."

Born in Littleton, Duffy grew up in Jefferson and Gorham, has lived in the Mount Washington Valley and was the owner/operator of a hair salon/spa in North Conway for many years. Now residing in Franconia with her husband, Duffy says she looks forward to helping clients find their dream home.

Duffy notes that her experience as a cosmetologist and business owner has instilled in her "an ideal of being driven, listening to my clients' wants and needs and doing whatever I can to make them happy."
Outside the office, Duffy enjoys spending time with her family, travelling and playing golf.

"We are happy to welcome Vespar to our Badger Peabody & Smith team," says Andy Smith, Badger Peabody & Smith Realty President and CEO. "Her extensive customer service experience, understanding of architecture and design, and in-depth knowledge of the greater Franconia-Littleton region are invaluable. Adding her to our team enhances our ability to provide outstanding quality services for all our clients."

Vespar can be reached at (603) 823-5700 or

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If Keegan's not making deals in the White Mountains, he is out traveling the World! Born and raised at his family's Inn and Brewery in North Woodstock, NH, Keegan is passionate about inspiring clients about the aspirational lifestyle New England truly has to offer. 

Discover more about Keegan in this week's "Meet Our Agent".

Keegan, how did you land in Real Estate? And how long have you been an agent?

I have been an agent for 5 years. I never knew how much my life would change working in a field that has become more of a lifestyle than a job. I love our local communities and being involved in their growth and prosperity is truly a blessing.

What did you do before you became a real estate agent?

I came from the restaurant and brewery business. While I enjoyed the excitement and fluidity of working in a family business, I felt that I needed to broaden my creative horizons. After taking a number of community development courses in college, I knew where life would lead after the restaurant.

Name a role model who has inspired you in your career.

Sounds lame, but Andy Smith, our fearless leader, has had the most profound impact. I had met with him prior to coming to Peabody & Smith. You could tell that everything that came out of his mouth was the truth. No sugar coating. Well, I thought I knew better, and my sweet tooth took me to a different brokerage. After a few months of limited success in the rat race at a different brokerage, I realized the goods they sold me were not the champagne and strawberries as promised. I couldn't stop thinking about that broker up in Franconia, and as luck would have it, he called me in a time of deep introspection and I knew it was fate. Since then, he has been right 99.5% of the time. When you have someone to turn to with that much wisdom, it really allows you to leave the ego at the door and grow as a professional.

What do you like to do for fun outside of work?

I am an avid air miles junkie. There is not much I won't do for a few miles. That funds one of my true passions: Traveling the world with my lovely wife. When not working or traveling, I am likely at the golf course in the summer, or on the ski hill in the winter. I help coach the Lin-Wood School's Alpine Ski Team, which keeps the competitive fire burning. My garage is a wood studio to fuel some creativity and vent some steam. Lastly, I LOVE to mow my lawn.

Where do you like to go for vacation?

Anywhere but here? I am grateful to live in a vacation destination, but when it comes time to get away, I like to get away. Some of my favorite places are Laos, Botswana, the Maldives, Colombia, Vietnam, Thailand and New Zealand. No matter where I go, I always come home with a deeper appreciation for where I live.

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Megan Landry
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open house Marketing White Mountains real estate during the cold New Hampshire winter presents unique challenges, but it isn't impossible. You can winterize your open house and boost your chances of finding a buyer with the following tips.

1. Schedule earlier in the day.

During the winter months, the sun sets much earlier than usual. Because potential buyers would rather view White Mountains homes for sale in the daylight, be sure to schedule the open house for a time when the sun will still be out. Take this into account as you plan the event.

2. Clear a path to the home.

If ice or snow is present, make sure that the path to the home is free of slippery obstacles. Plow or shovel snow, put down salt to take care of ice, and take any other steps necessary to ensure that potential buyers can reach the home safely and without frustration.

3. Monitor the temperature.

New Hampshire winters can be frigid. Make sure that the temperature in your home is high enough to make up for the heat lost when the door is opened multiple times by potential buyers. However, it shouldn't be so warm that potential buyers wearing coats feel uncomfortable.

4. Provide a landing spot for coats and boots.

Speaking of coats, make it easy for homebuyers to shed outerwear by providing a coat tree or a coat rack. Head off melted snow on floors by setting up a boot station with a bench nearby so people can easily shed their winter footwear.

5. Help guests warm up with a special treat.

Consider making something special for your guests, such as coffee, hot chocolate, apple cider, or homemade cookies. Not only will this help homebuyers to forget how cold it is outside, but it will also make them feel more at home.

6. Get tips from your real estate agent.

Our real estate agents have significant expertise hosting open houses in the winter. Ask your agent if there is anything else you need to do to get your home ready for the big day. Looking to list your White Mountains home? Contact us for more open house tips.

My favorite thing on my desk is actually from my desk at home. It's a birthday card that I bought at least twenty years ago and has sometimes been used as a coaster. Still, the poem so resonates with me that I have never used the card for its intended purpose and I sometimes carry it with me as a reminder. Lately, it's been with me at the Franconia office where my very favorite "things" are all those who work with me. A bunch of smarty pants, they are, every single last one of them! So the conversations are always that much more stimulating, the laughter that much more heartier, and the camaraderie that much more deep. patty o'brien I'd like to share this poem with you and there really isn't anything more that I could add. To live content with small means, to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion; to be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not rich; to study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly; to listen to stars and birds, to babes and sages, with open heart; to bear all cheerfully, do all bravely; await occasion, hurry never. In a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden, and unconscious, grow up through the common, This should be one's symphony.

—William Henry Channing

patty o'birne

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early spring peabody & smith buyer's guideIt is spring, and even though we still have snow on the ground, the sun has been shining and we are enjoying the light in the later part of the day! One of our spring projects here at the office is publishing our Peabody & Smith Buyer's Guide. This 16 page publication is directly mailed to over 23,000 homeowners in Central and Northern New Hampshire, and we also manually distribute more copies around the area! In this, our Broker/Owner Andy Smith writes a piece called, "Market Watch". In it, he lets readers know what is happening in the real estate market. To read this piece, feel free to click here! To learn more about the market in your neighborhood, feel free to give us a call, send us an email, or find us on all kinds of social networks! We would be pleased to assist you! To see the entire Peabody & Smith Early Spring Buyer's Guide, click here.

[caption id="attachment_2664" align="alignright" width="300"]downtown north conway Downtown North Conway, NH[/caption] The White Mountains region of New Hampshire is part of the Appalachian Mountain Chain, and is considered to be some of the most beautiful real estate in the state. The area includes great recreational attractions such as waterfalls like the Glenn Ellis Falls. Flume Gorge is also a great place to visit during the summer and fall. New Hampshire also boasts some of the safest towns in America. Here are the top 5 safest towns in the White Mountains, Central Region and Lakes Region of New Hampshire: 1. Littleton 2. Whitefield 3. Bethlehem 4. Gorham 5. North Conway All of these towns have wonderful opportunities for folks of all ages as well as low crimes rates. New Hampshire students rank as some of the highest and best educated in the country. New Hampshire is also home to Dartmouth College. Dartmouth is a member of the Ivy League and considered to be one of the best educational facilities in the world. New Hampshire White Mountains real estate offers a rich variety of homes in beautiful settings. A NH real estate agent can help you find the home of your dreams in the White Mountains, Central New Hampshire and the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.

For more information on the wonderful towns in New Hampshire, contact a Peabody & Smith agent today!


 Real Estate- A Solid Investment? What lies ahead? Much has been written about the economic collapse, and the role real estate and its affiliated industries such as mortgages & insurance played in the great recession. Hindsight is always a luxury, and what it shows me is that the real estate industry has weathered the storm, and unlike Wall Street which saw the collapse of major institutions, the real estate industry has not only survived but come out the other side stronger, more responsive to consumers, and ready for the next 25 years. Our industry, like most others should have seen the storm clouds ahead. Some did, but their cries fell on deaf ears. So, looking ahead, are we smarter? Is real estate a good investment? Should I be buying real estate now? I answer all three with a resounding YES! Here are some trends and thoughts. Recently, we had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist for the National Association of Realtors speak at the Mt. Washington Resort in Bretton Woods. He said we are continuing in a multi-year recovery and pointed to many factors that will drive and sustain this growth. Here are three of them. More jobs - The US lost 8 million jobs in the great recession, and has now regained all 8 million of those jobs. New Hampshire enjoys one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation, now under 5%, which many feel signifies full employment. Job growth, and increased wages will continue to fuel the housing recovery. Manageable mortgage rates- Mortgage rates continue to surprise experts with how low they are, and how long they have stayed low. Regardless of the underlying reason, locking in a low interest rate is the single best hedge against inflation a homeowner can do. Housing affordability is at a record high, and as wages increase, but your mortgage payment stays the same, a smaller bite of your household income will be allocated to housing. This single factor will help build more wealth to your personal portfolio than just about anything else. Pent up demand- In 2000, the US population stood at 282 million people, and they bought 5.2 million homes. In 2013, the US population grew to 316 million folks, and there were only 5.1 million homes sold. So, with a 10% increase in population, and a flat sales market, more households have chosen to rent. Rents have continued to increase, far out pacing the rise in home prices. In many markets, you can own for much less than the monthly rent. Those renters will be turning into Buyers, helping fuel a long and robust market place.

Taking a Look at Market Activity:

Year over year, New Hampshire residential sales have remained relatively static. Year over year, unit sales have declined a negligible .3%, averaging a little over 1100 units per month.  Unit sales peak in the summer, typically running around 1500 units per month in June, July and August. Prices have continued upward in a slow and steady manner. After a very strong 2013, where prices climbed 9.9%, 2014 YTD increase have leveled off at 4%, which we see as a very sustainable growth number. The median sale price in New Hampshire as of August was $233,000. Compared to the peak in 2005 at $276,000, the market has lots of room to grow.   With all we have to worry about in the world right now, there are many reasons why the real estate market is not one of them. Real estate is seeing a slow, steady and very solid recovery. Energy costs are declining, the job market is strong in NH, many new developments, both commercially and residentially are taking shape all across the State, and interest rates are still so low that buying is now more affordable than ever. So, need a new place to celebrate the Holidays? Don't delay! Call to set up a confidential, no obligation consultation with one of our over 30 Certified Sales Specialists. We love to talk about the market, and would be happy to update you. Feel free to contact us today! About the Author: Andy Smith, Broker/Owner of Peabody & Smith Realty has over 25 years experience in the Real Estate Industry. In 2004 he was designated as a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), a recognized expert in the disciplines of commercial and investment real estate. He is a founding Member of the NH Commercial Investment Board of Realtors, having served as a Board member, Treasurer, and President. In 2004 he was named the board's Realtor of the Year. Additionally, he is a past Director of the Northern New England Real Estate Network, is a member of the Littleton Rotary Club and serves on the Board of Directors for The Guaranty Bancorp/Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank. Andy was awarded the Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce 2007 Business Leader of the Year. In his spare time he can be found on the tennis or squash courts, skiing, or riding one of his motorcycles.

New Hampshire homeWith the rise of online resources, many people are attempting to track down real estate listings without the help of a Realtor. Some luck out with no issues while others wind up visiting a house that was grossly misrepresented. In New Hampshire, ensuring the details of a home is especially important and a few online images or a description cannot account for surveying the whole property, surrounding community and structural integrity of the house. New Hampshire real estate agents can help make the prospect of searching for a new home safe and easy. Many people are looking to move to the area from out of state and take advantage of the serene lifestyle of living by the lake or mountainsides in a New Hampshire waterfront property. Trying to travel back and forth just to look over all the available properties and communities is impossible. And online resources can be untrustworthy. However, a real estate agent can check out available New Hampshire homes for sale based precisely on your needs, looking for specific home types, communities or waterfront areas. A real estate agent can then send pictures, videos and descriptions of homes to you after confirming the specifics in person. A New Hampshire Realtor can also give you great tips on which areas are more social, feature better restaurants and activities or hold the best school systems. For more information on available New Hampshire homes for sale or details on the different communities, please contact us today and speak with a New Hampshire Realtor.

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New Hampshire Home Buyer Seminar February 2013You're Invited to a FREE Home Buyer Seminar sponsored by Peabody & Smith Realty & Ed Harrigan from Regency Mortgage! Whether you are a first time Home Buyer, or just want to get caught up on today's homebuying process, you are invited to this FREE Home Buyer Educational Seminar. Topics include:
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  • Understanding the difference between Buyer Agency and Seller Agency
  • The Ins and Outs of a Purchase and Sales Agreement
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Kim-LavoieWe have added to our Commercial team at the Franconia office, with the addition of Kim Lavoie as a Commercial Sales Associate. As all of our commercial agents do, Kim will focus on selling commercial properties, large multi-family buildingsleasing of commercial business space and business brokerageservices. She joins Mary Doherty & Andy Smith, our other full time commercial "geeks" as we affectionately call them at the office. As far as commercial sales are concerned, the commercial real estate market here in Central & Northern NH has been very active as of late. We are finding that confidence is starting to return, and business owners are getting ready to expand and grow into new space. Kim moved to the White Mountains area eight years ago, relocating from the seacoast of NH. She has owned and operated a variety of multi-family homes for over fifteen years. As her friends know, Kim is a great cook and entertainer, and she earned multiple degrees in hospitality from Johnson & Wales University. She is soon to be a member of the New Hampshire Commercial & Investment Board of Realtors (NHCIBOR) and is pursuing her Vermont Real Estate license. Kim lives in the great small town of Landaff, NH where she resides with her husband and children and serves as an active volunteer in the area schools and as a Trustee of the Trust Funds for the town. And if you are ever on a showing with her, ask her for her homemade pasta recipe – the area kids won't eat "boxed" pasta anymore after the homemade stuff!  

Is it a Triple Play? Consumer Confidence Rising; Real Estate Sales Increase, New Construction numbers rebound. As of June 1st, all three important indicators are positive. Plus, the low interest rates and the $8000 First time Home Buyers Tax Credit continue to be market makers. So, is the market back? In many senses it is. Take a look at the numbers. According to the numbers reported by the National Association of Realtors, the Northeast saw a 12% increase in sales in April, with the largest increase in the lower-price segments. This increases the annual number of homes sold in the NE from 690,000 to 770,000. New home building starts increased 21% in April over March, a great sign that the excess inventory of new, un-sold homes is getting cleaned up. Not surprisingly, locally we are seeing a similar increase in activity, and a corresponding reduction in prices. Sales have trended upward in April, along with a dramatic increase in the inventory of homes for sale. This is great news for Buyers, providing a large selection of homes to choose from, but will continue to keep prices from making a great comeback as the forces of supply and demand impact what Buyers are willing to pay. Locally, the average sale price declined from a high of $231,000 in early 2008, to a current sale price of $130,000. Although this reflects the average price of the homes sold, it is important to consider that the lower priced homes reflect the best values for Buyers, as a large percentage of these sales have been Bank Owned or "Short Sale" properties. We are predicting that the most activity will continue to be in the lower 1/3 of the pricing tier for the next 3- 6 months, and consequently will have a larger than normal impact on the averages. The mid and upper tiers reflect some very good values as Sellers have adjusted their prices, although the reductions here typically do not reflect that larger discounts that distressed or foreclosed properties do. To download a copy of this article which includes sales graphs, please click here. For more information on your town, or house, please feel free to give us a call, or send us an email, we'd love to help.