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FRANCONIA, NH — During travels throughout North America and around the world, Vespar Duffy and her husband have always taken the time to explore the local architecture and real estate market.

"With my interest in style and design, including architectural and interior design for homes, real estate has always been a significant interest of mine," says Duffy, who recently joined Badger Peabody & Smith Realty as a sales agent in their Franconia office. "Location plays a big part in real estate, but I've always felt that a home's design is also essential to a compelling property and a satisfied client, so I'm very excited to share my knowledge with our buyers and sellers."

Born in Littleton, Duffy grew up in Jefferson and Gorham, has lived in the Mount Washington Valley and was the owner/operator of a hair salon/spa in North Conway for many years. Now residing in Franconia with her husband, Duffy says she looks forward to helping clients find their dream home.

Duffy notes that her experience as a cosmetologist and business owner has instilled in her "an ideal of being driven, listening to my clients' wants and needs and doing whatever I can to make them happy."
Outside the office, Duffy enjoys spending time with her family, travelling and playing golf.

"We are happy to welcome Vespar to our Badger Peabody & Smith team," says Andy Smith, Badger Peabody & Smith Realty President and CEO. "Her extensive customer service experience, understanding of architecture and design, and in-depth knowledge of the greater Franconia-Littleton region are invaluable. Adding her to our team enhances our ability to provide outstanding quality services for all our clients."

Vespar can be reached at (603) 823-5700 or

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Hands down, if we could only use two words to describe Rachael... those two words would be "People Person". As a business owner and business manager, she has successfully transitions her skills into helping sellers and buyers with their real estate goals.

Discover more about Rachael in this week's "Meet Our Agent".

Rachael, how did you land in Real Estate? And how long have you been an agent?

I have been in real estate for one year. My good friend and my real estate agent of 26 years ago, Kathleen Sullivan Head, spurred my interest and encouraged me to purse a career in real estate.

What did you do before you became a RE agent?
I ran my own business working as a rental agent for Hertz Car Rental, Penske Truck Rental and managed a storage facility in Glen, NH.

Name a role model who has inspired you in your career.
My friend and fellow realtor, Kathleen Sullivan Head. Kathleen's immense knowledge of everything real estate and professionalism has been an inspiration.

What do you like to do for fun outside of work?
The great outdoors is my playground. I enjoy skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, kayaking, sailing and golf.

Where do you like to go for vacation?
Skiing in eastern Canada and exploring the British Virgin Islands.

What is your favorite local charity?
The Bridge Project in Lincoln- Their work focuses on assisting at-risk individuals struggling with addiction, poverty, and other difficult life circumstances.

*To learn more about The Bridge Project... Click Here

Contact Rachael Brown for your real estate needs at: •  Cell. (603)986-5936   • Office (603)356-5757



Interviewed By:

Megan Landry
Executive Assistant




Luxury Portfolio International recently released their newest study, "State of Luxury Real Estate", focused on consumers in the top 1%-5% income bracket of 17 countries, representing more than 30 million households. It was conducted by the Affluent Consumer Research Company, a full-service market research and voice-of-the-customer organization, specializing in high-income and high-asset consumers around the world.

Peabody & Smith Realty, as members of Luxury Portfolio, are proud to help share this study with you now - click here for your copy to read online or download and print.
ere are some key findings as reported by the study and Luxury Portfolio International:

  • More than 15.5 Million Affluent Households across the Globe are in the Market for Residential Real Estate over Next 3 Years, According to a Study by Luxury Portfolio International.
  • Conversely, the report also revealed that demand for purchasing residential real estate by this sector far exceeds the number of sellers, with slightly more than 10 million looking to list their home for sale.  

The more than five-million-home gap between those interested in purchasing and those interested in selling creates a seller's market within the overall high-end residential real estate market.  The implication of this lopsided market is near-term price increases and greater demand for new development. 

 Other highlights from State of Luxury Real Estate include: 

  • While real estate prices vary dramatically from country to country, a viable luxury threshold is homes in excess of US $1 million.  Of the 15.5 million consumers who indicated interest in purchasing residential real estate, 66% of that segment (10.3 million consumers) noted a desire to purchase a residence valued at US $1 million or more over the next three years. 
  • Real estate is the leading investment category of the day, with luxury buyer sentiment a strong 'buy,' and a low inclination to 'sell.' 
  • One-quarter of global luxury buyers have an investment or rental property in mind for their next purchase. 
  • The pandemic has impacted homes at all price levels, including the luxury sector, with trends borne from quarantining including adjusting to all members of the household working from home; a heightened need for self-reliance at home; and recognition that spontaneity brings a welcomed break.  For the most part, all three circumstances can be addressed within a luxury home setting.
  • Luxury buyers are planning for extended shelter-in-place scenarios for themselves, family and guestsExpectations are high that over the coming year, more time will be spent at home, with about half of luxury buyers seeking a residence with accommodations for long-term guests. Whatever their individual reason, the result is preparation for non-household members to shelter with them. 

    The luxury customer is more interested in high-quality offerings and customer service than low price. The ultra-luxury segment values brands that feature corporate citizenship, reputation and loyalty. 

    • While real estate as an industry has had significant technological disruptors such as online agencies over the past few years, luxury buyers overwhelmingly prefer to work with a traditional brokerage firm70% of luxury buyers noted as much, with 19% noting they would work with an online agency. 
    • Luxury buyers are bullish on the residential real estate market. 45% of those surveyed believe that it is getting stronger (more buyers) -- compared to 31% who believe that it is softer (these results are impacted by in-market, in-country specifics). 
    • 60% of affluent consumers expect an increase in their current home's value, primarily in the 1% to 10% range.   
    • 50% of luxury buyers believe that now is a good time to buy real estate, being the number one result in the survey -- beating out stocks, private equity and gold, among others.  
    • More than one-half of ultra-luxury buyers (52%) perceive their current home value to have risen by more than 10%, perhaps incenting them to trade up or add to their portfolio.
    • As to an outlook for 2021, barring unforeseen economic or geopolitical issues, a record number of affluent households will be in market to acquire, especially within the luxury segment.

      To learn more about the Luxury Real Estate market in your area, feel free to call one of our Peabody & Smith Realty agents today - proud members of Luxury Portfolio International.

    Financing your dream New Hampshire Home.Buying a home - whether it's your first home or your forever home - is a dream come true. But along with this dream comes the necessity of financing it. Yes, financing can be frustrating and nauseating (especially when you see how much interest you're potentially paying), whether you're looking to buy Lake Winnipesaukee real estate in New Hampshire, or Stinson Lake real estate. So how should you go about responsibly financing your next New Hampshire home? Here's some pointers:
    • Try for a 15 year loan: You'll pay more on a monthly basis if you elect to go with a 15-year, rather than a 30-year mortgage. But in the long run, you'll save thousands of dollars because you won't be paying as much interest as you would in a 30-year loan. If you can afford it, it's worth it - you pay off your home sooner and for less overall.
    • Refinance: This is a great time to buy, should you have good credit and qualify for a low interest rate. If you're credit isn't great, that's OK too - just work to build it back up and then look at refinancing options. If you belong to a credit union, you can likely refinance at a lower interest rate, potentially shaving hundreds off your monthly mortgage payment and thousands off what you'll pay in full.
    • Be smart: This should go without saying, but never bite off more than you can chew. If you're pre-approved for a certain mortgage amount, make sure you can comfortably afford payments at that amount before you buy. You don't want to be a slave to your home, or - worse yet - risk losing it when you fall behind on payments.
    For more information about financing a New Hampshire home, contact one of our NH real estate agents today.

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