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Closing Day Expectations - Buy a Home - Badger Peabody & SmithWhen closing day is right around the corner, it's natural to wonder what to expect. While each closing is a little different than the last, some things are universal to each one. Our real estate agents will help guide you through the process and ensure you're prepared when the "big day" arrives. 

After months of pouring through listings for Berlin homes for sale, you finally found the right home. What next? While you may assume it's as simple as handing over a check and taking the keys, a few more steps are involved in closing before you can take possession of your new home (or conclude the sale of your home.)

What Happens on Closing Day

Once a date and location are agreed upon, sellers and buyers have work to do beforehand. In most cases, the location will be the attorney's office, agent's office, or escrow agent's office. Before closing, sellers must complete any agreed-upon repairs and construction works. Or, in lieu of this, provide confirmation via a contract that the work to be done is scheduled at an agreed-upon date and standard (i.e., scope, materials, contractor selection, etc.)

Sellers will also need to make the home available for a home inspection, and just 24 hours before closing, make the home available for the buyer and their agent to conduct a final walk-through.

Buyers and sellers should bring government-issued photo IDs with them. Passports and driver's licenses are sufficient. Both buyers and sellers have to sign a bevy of documents and forms. Crucially, the buyer will make an earnest money deposit into the escrow account and confirm they have the homeowners insurance and other documents required for the underwriting. 

When everything goes to plan, the seller will transfer the deed to the buyer, and the buyer will transfer funds from their financial institution to the seller. Both parties will confirm that the title is free and clear of liens or encumbrances. And your agent, the escrow agent, attorney, and lender will answer any questions either party may have about the sale. 

Once the money is transferred, the home is officially sold, the buyers can move in, and sellers can move on. From start to finish, the closing process can take anywhere from two weeks to two months, depending on the sale and any conditions attached to it. 

Preparing for Closing

Before closing, sellers should remove their possessions from the property and clean the home so it's tidy when the new owners arrive. It doesn't have to be spotless, but it is a nice gesture. 

Sellers will also want to put in a change of address form with the post office and notify creditors, banks, and family/friends of the new address. Sellers should also set aside all the warranties and manuals for appliances, fixtures, HVAC systems, etc. Most homeowners do this by leaving these in a clearly marked bag in the kitchen. 

Sellers should also "shut down" the home. This means turning off water valves, adjusting thermostats so the house isn't too hot/cold, and ensuring that all doors, windows, etc., are tight and locked. 

We know you have many questions about the closing process, and we're happy to help guide you through the steps and stages. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about the many ways our real estate team can help you find the home of your dreams. 


There's a good reason for the old adage that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Whether spending a lazy weekend morning with family or entertaining a houseful of guests, all good things come from the kitchen. The best kitchens feature standout design, state-of-the-art appliances, and creative ways to prep, store, and serve. These three White Mountains homes nail all these elements and more with kitchens to fall in love with. Only the amazing views will make you want to leave! The kitchen in 4769 Main Street in Bethlehem, NH with its two oven and center island

4769 Main Street, Bethlehem, NH

Beautiful finishes and intelligent design make the kitchen the highlight of this Adirondack-style log home in the Ledgewood community of Bethlehem, NH. Granite counters and a butcher-block island are framed by cherry and maple cabinets set off by Brazilian cherry hardwood floors. Top-notch appliances include double ovens and a sleek cooktop taking center stage in the island. With a floor plan that offers spectacular views of Mount Washington and Franconia Notch, this 4-bedroom, 3-bath home embraces the open-living concept yet comes with many unique spaces for privacy. The kitchen in 67 North Star Drive in Sugar Hill, NH looks out over living room and dining area

67 North Star Drive, Sugar Hill, NH

This 3-bedroom, 3-bath home in Sugar Hill, NH is set on over 4 acres of land with a majestic view of Franconia Notch. The kitchen is open to the dining area and living room so the cook never loses sight of the mountain vistas. A U-shaped layout creates an efficient work triangle with plenty of room for meal prep. The calm color of this kitchen contrasts with apple-green walls of the living area beyond. Smart task lighting makes every surface a great choice, but you won't want to turn your back on the fabulous view. The kitchen at 4 Notch Way in Thornton, NH has a custom tiled backsplash and glowing wood cabinetry

4 Notch Way, Thornton, NH

This one-of-a-kind, 4-bedroom, 6-bath Adirondack-style home in Thornton, NH has a chef's kitchen with cherry floors, glowing cabinetry, and a custom tiled backsplash, plus double ovens and beautiful granite counters. A center island faces the dining area and living room, which are lined with windows that bathe the open-concept first floor with plenty of natural light. If cooking and entertaining top your list of real estate priorities, find your own dream kitchen in New Hampshire or Vermont by contacting us today.

[caption id="attachment_3612" align="alignright" width="300"]31-39 memory lane 31-39 Memory Lane in Whitefield, NH[/caption] Please come join me on Saturday May 28th 10am-1pm for an open house at 31-39 Memory Lane in Whitefield. These 5 cabins are being offered in different ways. You could get all 5 cabins. 1 one bedroom year round cabin on the water's edge that has two docks and a great little place to launch your boats. 3 two bedroom seasonal cabins with their own private docks. All of these are just a few feet from the water's edge. And a 3 bedroom larger cabin with a wonderful open concept that also has its own dock but sits back from the water's edge. The whole 2.59 acres with 5 cabins on Forest Lake in NH for $489,000 [caption id="attachment_3613" align="alignright" width="300"]31-39 memory lane The 4 seasonal cabins[/caption] Or, you could purchase the 4 seasonal cabins on 1.66 acres on Forest Lake, NH for $299,000 Or, if you are looking for a year round cabin on Forest Lake, on .93 acres, this one is available for $239,000 Although these cabins once upon a lifetime ago were used as a business, they have not been rented out for profit in many, many years. There is no rental history at this time. There certainly is good potential for income with proper marketing and management. 31-3-memory-laneThis might just be the perfect way to have your lakeside summer vacation paid for by someone else! We are hoping for some lovely weather to enjoy the peacefulness of the lake and the forecast so far looks good! We hope to see you there, this Saturday from 10-1 pm!   

peabody & smith early spring buyer's guideIn 25,000 mailboxes last week arrived the Peabody & Smith Buyer's Guide! This was our early spring edition that we send via direct mail to residents all over Northern, Central and the Lakes Region of New Hampshire! This 16-page guide features some of the properties we have available, a current market watch from Broker/Owner Andy Smith, and much more! To see the Peabody & Smith Realty Early Spring Buyer's Guide, click here! In addition, we distribute another 5,000 of these at area restaurants, lodges and more! And do you have a business that may be interested in running an ad in our guide? If so, give me a call! (Chrissy Smith, Peabody & Smith, 603-444-0951) We have opportunities we can discuss with you!

**Update: We are sorry, this fine home has been purchased by a new owner, but we have others!

A Chat With Our Home Seller in Whitefield, NH

Whitefield NH home for saleWe are pleased to bring to you a chat with one of our current homeowners in Whitefield. Our homeowners at 31 Shirlaw Drive in Whitefield have owned their home for 11.5 years and are the original owners, and they now offer this one level living home to you. To get a sense of what is like to live in Whitefield, NH, we asked a few questions: P&S: At this time, you feel the time is right to leave the beautiful Whitefield community. What led you to this decision? Bobbie: We are returning to full time RVing! It's something we did before we planted roots in Whitefield and we are getting to hit the road again. P&S: What did you enjoy about living in Whitefield? What services could you find in Whitefield? Bobbie: We are close to the heart of Whitefield with easy access to many stores and resources: from medical, dental, a grocery store, hardware store, churches, the post office and local reycyle center – we were close to all those things and they were all in the town of Whitefield. In addition, we are 2 miles from the Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa, where we enjoyed dining, horse drawn carriage rides, pool membership and their Annual 4th of July fireworks display. Also, The Weathervane Theatre is also within 2 miles, and you can enjoy dinner at the Inn at Whitefield and then attend a play during summer months. We have weekly concerts in the summer on the Green in town and we enjoy wildlife from moose and deer to bear and rabbits right in the backyard. Whitefield NH home for saleIn terms of medical needs, we really loved the access to Ammonoosuc Community Health Services in Whitefield and the medical center that also includes the dental practice – Mt. View Dental. For us, having those services nearby is great. In addition, for specialists and such we would use the services at Littleton Regional Healthcare - which is just nearby – in fact I volunteer there! In terms of town resources, the Public Library is all redone and it's really fantastic – they have Wifi, computers, good book and of course volunteer opportunities. P&S: Why is it great to live in the Great North Woods and White Mountain area? What did you enjoy most about the area? Sellers:  The White Mountains are wonderful for hiking and climbing and going to places like Diana's Baths – you are just one hour from North Conway! You are also just minutes to Franconia Notch & Crawford Notch. What's not to like! P&S:  Where do you shop and dine in Whitefield and the surrounding area? Why do you enjoy those places? Sellers: There is a great Chinese restaurant (just one mile from the house and I must say, they make the most magnificent crab rangoons)! And for reasonable priced and good home cooking we love Grandma's Kitchen. There is also a great pizza place on the green, and a bagel shop is there also with homemade bagels. P&S: What did you look forward to the most when you got home?  Bobbie: Our home is just so comfortable, it feels cozy, comfortable and warm. P&S: What cultural events and other types of events can you recommend to people coming into the community? Whitefield NH home for saleBobbie:  We love listening and attending the concerts for the The North Country Chamber Players at the Sugar Hill Meetinghouse and we follow them around as they play in other venues. They do such a great job - classical, world class musicians and to have them here is such a great opportunity! In Colebrook, NH we have attended a number of different concerts, including The Ashelin's – a great group that sound Celtic, folk and more. P&S:  What events and places brought you the most pleasure? Bobbie: Well I must mention Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel! They are in Jefferson NH and they do dog sled rides – year round and they are just great people! You can take your family and rent 2-3 sleds and go for rides – it's neat for the whole group! In addition, there are horse rides at the Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa. We have so many unique things to do here! And sheets! The Garnet Hill Outlet Store in Franconia, where you can buy sheets and bedding from the national store – right here in your backyard! And in terms of restaurants in Littleton, there is a great place on the Ammonoosuc River – Schillings Beer Company. In terms of other places we enjoyed – we can't forget about all the Farmer's Markets! During the season, you can find a market in Lancaster, Whitefield and Littleton! Lots of fresh veggies and produce all around! P&S:  What tips would you give to new people coming into the community? Bobbie: Get involved and volunteer for things. There are volunteer opportunities at the Library, Second Chance Animal Rescue or Littleton Regional Healthcare - it's a great way to meet people and get to know the community. P&S: What were the favorite features of your home? What did you enjoy the most? Whitefield NH home for saleBobbie: Well, we loved that our home is well insulated and fuel efficient – that was great in the winter! In addition, the radiant floor heat and pellet stove always made it warm and cozy. It's just a really comfortable home, and it's easy to entertain in. I love the cathedral ceiling with the two skylights because they provide so much light on the spacious interior. It's funny, because our home is built on a slab, people would sometimes ask, "what do you do with all your stuff & belongings?" I always let them know, because there are so many closets and an oversized 3 car garage, there is plenty of space. Radiant floor heat with a pellet stove real cozy. The one floor living is so convenient, and we have so many services nearby, it's just perfect for anyone!

Contact Peabody & Smith Realty to learn more about this beautiful Whitefield NH home for sale!


**Update: We are sorry, this fine home has been purchased by a new owner, but we have others!

A Chat With Our Home Seller in Bethlehem, NH

It's always fun to chat with our sellers, and in this post, we are pleased to chat with one of our current home sellers in Bethlehem NH. Our homeowners at 187 Lehan Road in Bethlehem NH  have owned their custom built home for many years, and now offer this 18 ½ acre private retreat for your consideration. 187 Lehan Road - $692,000 Bethlehem, NH 03574 To get a sense of what is like to live in Bethlehem NH  we asked a few questions: P&S: At this time, you feel the time is right to leave the Bethlehem NH community. What led you to this decision? Sellers: It is an age-related decision. We both need to be in the South for health reasons. We LOVE the North Country and it hurts to leave the area. P&S: Why is it great to live in Bethlehem NH? What did you enjoy about the town itself? Sellers: Bethlehem is an artistic town. It has poetry  , music, the Colonial Theater , an active Main Street , and dedicated citizens available to volunteer to boards and committees in town. P&S:  Where do you shop and dine in Bethlehem and why do you enjoy those places? Sellers:  Shopping is (at our end of town) at the Littleton Food Co-Op,  just 1 ½ miles away, and at other places in Littleton. We enjoy dining at the Adair , at the Cold Mountain Café , and at the Wayside Inn. P&S: What do you like the most about your home at 187 Lehan Road in Bethlehem NH? Sellers: The total peace, privacy and security at being on 18 ½ acres with a dramatic view of the White Mountains; being able to entertain guests and family in the house and the separate Guest Cottage ("Tree House"), yet being just 5 minutes from the store or Interstate 93. white mountain view from bethlehem P&S: What cultural events and other types of events can you recommend to people coming into the community? Sellers:  The White Mountain School  is just about 1000 yards away, and there is always a cultural event there! There are other great cultural events at the Catamount Arts in St. Johnsbury VT  just ½ an hour away, as well as the Silver Center for the Arts in Plymouth, NH. P&S:  What events in the area brought you the most pleasure? Sellers:  Probably the North Country Chamber Players Auction.  It's one not to be missed! P&S:  What tips would you give to new people coming into the community? Sellers:  Stop in at the Bethlehem Town Hall  and leave your name(s) and willingness to serve on boards or committees.  When we did this, we were appointed to several. It's a great way to meet folks. P&S: What are the favorite features of your home? What do you enjoy the most? Sellers: Well, a noted Maine architect (known for schools and cottages) designed our home, and we love it! An engineer husband and artist wife added the rest.  We will sorely miss this place but are ready to move on to the next chapter of our lives. We are ready and invite potential home buyers in, to see about making our special place theirs.

Reasons to Buy Littleton NH Real Estate Littleton, located in west-central New Hampshire, is a peaceful community of around 6,000 residents. Nestled between the White Mountains and the Connecticut River, Littleton offers year-round outdoor activities, as well as a smattering of New England history. Things to do in Littleton  Littleton offers plenty to do both indoors and outdoors. The city abuts the 3,490-acre Moore Reservoir with all of its fishing, boating, and swimming opportunities. The city also features a historic district with dozens of early 20th-century Victorian homes, a weekly farmers' market, a candy store with the longest candy counter in the world, and a scenic covered bridge. Littleton NH Restaurants  For a small town, Littleton offers a good assortment of restaurants from which to choose. Among the local favorites are Balliwick's Fine Restaurant Wine and Martini Bar, Italian Oasis, and Tim-bir Alley Restaurant for American cuisine using fresh, local ingredients. Transportation in Littleton  It's easy to get around Littleton. I-93 connects the city with St. Johnsbury, Vermont to the northwest, and Woodstock and Concord, New Hampshire to the south. There is also public bus service in town and between Littleton, Whitefield, and Lancaster. Parks and Recreation One of the best things about owning Littleton, NH real estate is the abundance of parks, recreational waterways, and green spaces. In addition to the reservoir, the nearby White Mountains offer hiking and biking trails, cross country ski trails, and rock climbing.

To learn more about homes for sale in Littleton NH or to find a Littleton Realtor, call us today.


Looking for White Mountain homes? Contact Us!With a quarter of New Hampshire covered by the White Mountains, there is a wide range of White Mountains real estate. From cape homes and town houses to full retreats and lake properties as well as large-sized lots ready to be turned into a dream home, there is something for everyone. The White Mountains are one of the most breathtaking sights in the country and a perfect place to raise a family or setup a vacation home in a serene setting. Many people look for seasonal escapes with ski homes and lakeside properties. Others make use of the tranquil environment to live year round and enjoy a lifestyle surrounded in nature. Anyone that sees the sun over the White Mountains from their own window will never want to leave. While common features extend from warm fireplaces to spacious kitchens, each White Mountain real estate listing has its own flare. Great valued farmhouses and colonials can range from $200,000 to $300,000 while gorgeous ski homes right on the slopes and mountain-top dream homes are available in the million plus range. Potential homeowners can decide how close they want to be to the lake, ski retreats, hiking trails or shopping outlets. Those looking to buy should speak with a New Hampshire Realtor to learn about available properties in their area of choice. Not only is the market prime for homebuyers but also for those looking to build up a new house. There are spacious and well-valued lots ranging from $25,000 to $50,000 with bigger offerings for commercial uses. For more information on White Mountains real estate or other listings, please contact us today and speak with a New Hampshire Realtor.

We are so pleased to offer the Cabins on Harvey's Lake Condominiums now for sale in the beautiful Northeast Kingdom Cabin 1-14_800of Vermont. And this is the time to buy, with some special pricing initiatives in place! The owner of this wonderful place is Michael Vereline, who for the past 23 years has been a partner and co-owner of Harvey's Lake Cabins and Campground. He now owns 100% of this wonderful 39-acre lakefront property on Harvey's Lake in West Barnet, Vermont, and has received approval from the State of Vermont to develop it as a seasonal condominium home association. The special introductory pricing of $179,000 to $225,000 reflects a savings of $20,000 to $26,000 from the list prices for the nine existing handcrafted cabins. Buyers are able to choose from a variety of one, two and three bedroom seasonal cabins! In additional, Mike said there are also nine building sites available, where people can design and have built the lakefront cabin they envision. Mike is not new to this type of development, as he has also developed condominium associations in the Florida Keys and at The Greens at Hanover, an independent senior living community in Hanover, New Hampshire. In addition to its extensive common water frontage, the property also features dozens of communal acres of woods, fields and trails for all cabin owners to enjoy – and they are beautiful! To learn more visit Interested buyers may contact us today!  

Our Plymouth office has a brand new custom home for sale, and there are many wonderful features, but one is the fact that the home is a 5 Star Energy Rated home.This home for sale is located in Plymouth, NH and was built to meet the 5 star guidelines set up by the US Environmental Protection Agency. screen-capture-3-7 screen-capture-2-26 M&W Homes of Plymouth built and created this spectacular three bedroom, 4 bath Craftsman style home and their attention to details is evident in every part of the home. I had the pleasure of meeting Clifford Mask, (the "M" of M&W) and what a pleasure). It's always wonderful to meet someone who is passionate about their work and their creation – and Clifford truly is. It's evident he and his partner put a lot of thought into the home, how it should work and most important – how it would function for the buyer of the home. screen-capture-1-32 screen-capture-57 Just minutes to downtown Plymouth, you'll save on fuel for the car too! This is a spectacular home located in Plymouth NH – not far from Plymouth State University, downtown Plymouth, Newfound Lake and the Lakes Region of NH.There is a wonderful open concept kitchen and dining area – a wonderful gathering place at the heart of the home. And if first floor living is your desire, you can do that in this home, as there is a master suite on the first level. Upstairs, two more bedrooms, an office/nursery area and another bath.