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HOLDERNESS, NH — Eric Turchon, a new sales agent in the Holderness office of Badger Peabody & Smith Realty, admits that he is a "work hard, play hard" type of agent.

A resident of the Granite State since 2007, he has embraced "its authentic lifestyle and its many recreational opportunities," like boating on Squam Lake, snowboarding at Loon Mountain and hiking all 48 4,000 footers. "I love sharing my passion and knowledge of the area with my clients." he says.

Turchon graduated with a business degree from Plymouth State University. He gained years of valuable sales and customer service experience working as a buyer/manager in the snow sports industry. His background as a freelance photographer has also been an asset to his real estate career bringing "a creative element to my workflow."

Turchon was previously a successful agent at another real estate company, but joined Badger Peabody & Smith Realty after sitting down with Andy Smith, the company's President, and listening to his business philosophy. "I wanted to join a firm that has a reputation for results but also values elements like caring and consistency and giving back to the community, as well as accountability," he says. "That appeals to me."

"We're delighted to welcome Eric to the Badger Peabody & Smith team," says Smith. "His strong background in real estate and customer service and his in-depth knowledge of the Holderness and the surrounding region are invaluable qualities that will benefit our buyers and sellers."

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[caption id="attachment_3054" align="alignright" width="300"]campton nh home 133 Hogback Road in Campton NH[/caption] We are pleased to bring a new feature to our blog, a chat with one of our current sellers in Campton NH. Our homeowner at 133 Hogback Road in Campton NH has owned their home for many years, and now offers this energy efficient, 3 bedroom home to you.  To get a sense of what is like to live in Campton NH we asked a few questions: P&S: At this time, you feel the time is right to leave the beautiful Campton community. What led you to this decision?  Seller: I am not leaving Campton (aka center of the universe) I will be a mile down the street. My partner built her house with two friends using wood from the land. It is also super-efficient and I am psyched to be able to stay in the area. P&S: Now I understand that your home has a solar hot water system and PV system. How does that work? What made you decide to install solar? [caption id="attachment_3055" align="alignright" width="300"]campton nh Solar Panels on the Roof[/caption] Seller: I grew up with solar so I know it is easy and works. The house faces south which is very convenient. There is a local energy group (PAREI – Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative) that is super helpful and knowledgeable. The first energy efficient task was to have double cell insulated shades put up. During the summer, having them down on the south side helps keep the house cool. During the spring and fall having them up helps warm the house and in the winter I play it by ear depending on if it is sunny, the temp outside and if I am home to enjoy the light and scenery. Next, we did a solar energy raiser with the PAREI group to put up a solar thermal/hot water system. Since about 2006, one tube was replaced years ago (I don't remember exactly when) and the system was checked recently. When I am gone for more than a few days, I put it on vacation mode. So really, very little has to be done. [caption id="attachment_3057" align="alignright" width="228"]campton nh Tarm Wood Boiler[/caption] The following year I had BTD Mechanical (commercial level installation based in Campton) install a Tarm wood boiler. It is much easier to use than a wood stove, super-efficient and clean. The best part is you light it once a day and the excess heat dumps into a storage tank. The house has two heating zones and when either calls for heat, the Tarm sends it via base board radiators. Three times a year I give it a good cleaning which takes about an hour. It also takes care of the domestic hot water. It is so efficient I have never had to sweep the chimney. Next I had a solar PV (electric) system put in. I never thought it would be possible but with three rebates (state, federal and electric company) I was able to put in a system to cover my needs and maximize the rebates. It would take 10 years to break-even but after that it is all gravy. I've never had to do anything to it. It just runs itself. I had an energy audit done a few years ago and the house is in great shape. We broke even in electricity approximately eight months of the year and burned 4-5 cords of wood per year. Very little oil was used (only when we went away) and there is no propane or gas. P&S: In terms of the solar, is it easy to maintain? Seller: Yes. They really do run themselves but if it does need work, I have always used PAREI (Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative). There are other options in the area as well but they are easy to work with and with my busy schedule I always like to outsource that kind of thing to the experts. P&S: Why is it great to live in the Campton area? What do you enjoy about the Central NH area. Sellers:  Campton is in the southern part of the White Mountain National Forest and northern part of the Lakes Region. With Plymouth State University six miles down the street and Interstate 93 helping to connect other destinations easily. [caption id="attachment_3058" align="alignright" width="300"]campton nh Campton Historical Society[/caption] Recently 4,535 acres of land about two miles down the street went into conservation. That land backs off of the White Mountain National Forest and other land in conservation heading towards Squam Lake. It is a great part of Campton to be in - especially if you like the great outdoors. Campton Historical Society is at the end of the street and the Campton Elementary School is three miles away. P&S:  Where do you shop and dine in the Campton community and why do you enjoy those places? Sellers: There are plenty of places in the area. Forty percent of the homes are second homes and there are lots of vacationers. I like to think of it as a big Disney World. P&S: What did you look forward to the most when you came home at the end of the day? [caption id="attachment_3059" align="alignright" width="300"]campton nh Screen Porch[/caption] Sellers:   Perch Pond is down the street and the Beebe River is behind house. Dirt roads and covered bridges help make running and biking a blast. The house and yard are an entity of its own. During warmer months, hanging out in the screen porch and yard is easy and inviting. In the winter, snow shoeing or skiing from the house followed by lighting the woodstove in the living room to get it extra toasty. P&S: What cultural events and other types of events can you recommend to people coming into the community? Sellers: Campton Historical Society is down the street and is very active. Plymouth State University's Silver Center for the Arts and the Flying Monkey (about 6 miles south) offer culture and entertainment.  Plymouth State University hosts a wide range of opportunities include public skating at a new rink, great college games as well as numerous other academic and entertaining options. Jean's Playhouse and the Colonial Theater in Bethlehem are also nearby. Concord and Littleton are 45 minutes away (my house is close to the route 93) and Boston is 2 hours away. [caption id="attachment_3060" align="alignright" width="300"]campton nh The Flying Monkey[/caption] P&S:  What events brought you the most pleasure? Sellers: Skiing, biking, Campton Historical Society, kayaking, concerts  P&S:  What tips would you give to new people coming into the community? Sellers: Look around - there's tons going on. P&S: What are the favorite features of your home? What do you enjoy the most? Sellers: I worked hard to do things right inside and out - for the long term both physically and vibe/presence. It is low maintenance so I have more time to play. It is a nice space to live in comfortably day in day out.

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Things We Love About our Condo in Campton, New Hampshire. Located in Waterville Estates. Written by the Current Owners, who now offer this home to you!

  • Our favorite hikes are Welch-Dickey with its challenging granite areas and beautiful vistas. We also like West Rattle Snake for an easy hike for everyone with the view of Squam Lakes and the Cascades by Waterville Valley with the cool swimming holes.
  • We always do a few trips kayaking or tubing down the Pemigewasset River each summer.  We usually just rent from Ski Fanatics because they load the kayaks/tubes, drive you to the drop off point, unload and get you in the river and pick you up at the end - a no hassle/laid back day!
  • [caption id="attachment_2609" align="alignright" width="172"]Campton, NH The Yellow Room[/caption] The yellow room is one of my favorites in the condo. It is the smallest room but you can see the moon moving across the sky and the sunrise in the morning with the trees framing the skylight. I also go there for a quiet place to read (or nap!)
  • The three levels of the condo provide privacy for everyone when we have multiple families/couples. There are two bedrooms and a full bath on the first floor and two [caption id="attachment_2610" align="alignright" width="228"]campton, nh 2nd "Common" Floor[/caption] bedrooms and a bathroom on the third floor - with everyone meeting on the 2nd "common" floor with the kitchen, dining, and living rooms.
  • The location of the condo is fantastic.  People can just stroll down to the Waterville Estates Rec Center with the pools, pond and other activities like basketball, and tennis. We don't have to get everyone loaded into cars and drive a distance to get to the activities that are always going on at the rec center.
  • [caption id="attachment_2612" align="alignright" width="300"]campton, nh The Walkway Outside the Condo[/caption] The property management company of Hodgeman Hill is tremendous. The roads and parking are always promptly plowed and stairs/walkways shoveled.  They also keep up on improvements with the outside of the condos so nothing is in disrepair.
  • People love to come to the condo at every season from winter skiing to spring hiking - extensive summer activities - to the beautiful foliage in the fall.  There are also many restaurants that we go to in several of the surrounding towns including Campton, Waterville Valley, Plymouth, Lincoln and Meredith
  • Golfing at Owls Nest is a 'must do' several times a year.. it is a great golf course with some spectacular views!

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