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Selling With a Real Estate Agent- Badger Peabody & Smith RealtyThere are almost as many ways to sell your home as there are Plymouth homes for sale. But if you want to get the job done quickly and effectively, with as little hassle as possible, your best bet is to do it through an agent. Here are six ways an agent makes it easier to sell your home.

  1. More Buyers to Choose From. Agents know the area and how and where to find people looking to buy a home. What's more, they have a resource that independent sellers don't: the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a database of information on available properties, their locations, values, etc. Listing your home on the MLS allows agents to cast a wider net and find a suitable buyer more quickly.

  2. More Money. You may think selling your home yourself (a For Sale By Owner or FSBO deal) will save you money since an agent takes a cut of what you make on the sale. However, without an agent's help, your home will likely have a lower sale price. Agents know how to negotiate and get you a better price than most people could get on their own. An agent's fee is typically 6% of your home's sale price. But without one, sale prices average 6% lower anyway. Better to hire an agent and make your job easier.

  3. Save Time. How do you know how serious a potential buyer is? They could be someone looking to see what's out there or a neighbor curious about the resale value of other homes in the area. The longer you spend dealing with lookie-loos, the less time you have for serious buyers. An agent can help weed out the ones who aren't serious. They know what to ask to determine a person's genuine interest, so you can spend more time on the buyers and less time on the lookers.

  4. Objectivity. When you live in a place day in and day out, there are many things you become accustomed to. Certain issues may be things you've dealt with for years and have adjusted to without thinking. Others may have come on so gradually that you never realized there was a problem in the first place. An agent lends your home an objective, expert eye. On a walkthrough, they can spot all the problems you can't and show you exactly what needs to be done to fix your home up and raise its resale value.

  5. Paperwork. What contracts, disclosures, and other forms do you need to prepare and sign to make your home's sale legally binding? There's a lot of paperwork involved in selling your house, and if you neglect some of it or file it incorrectly, you risk exposing yourself to legal troubles. Your agent, however, does this for a living. They know exactly what paperwork you need and how to do it properly and can guide you through the entire process, beginning to end.

  6. Experience. The bottom line is that an agent knows what they're doing. They're experienced in selling homes—finding the right buyer, getting the most money, and getting your home on and off the market as quickly as possible. They're someone in your corner, looking out for your best interest. When hiring an agent, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

If you're ready to sell your home or buy your dream home, contact us. Our real estate agents will guide you through the process, every step of the way, to help you get what you want.


Kitchen and Bath Updates - Sell a Home - Badger Peabody & Smith RealtyMany sellers are being urged to list their homes without making upgrades based on the current housing market. But our real estate agents can tell you that wise sellers offering Plymouth homes for sale are maximizing their profits by focusing on two specific rooms: the kitchen and the bathroom. They'll be happy to discuss the return on investment potential from budget-mindful improvements to luxury remodels.

Popular Kitchen Features

  1. Kitchen islands top the wish list of the typical home buyer. More people are cooking at home than in decades, and they demand adequate workspace. Doing double duty as home classrooms and even office space, an island is a very attractive feature. This is one of the most expensive improvements you can make, but the increased sales price may be worth it.

  2. Cabinet space is critical to a well-organized kitchen, so if additional cabinets are possible, they deserve your consideration. If not, you may wish to consider installing pull-out shelves or a lazy Susan to maximize hard-to-reach spaces. 

  3. Cabinet lighting does more than brighten the kitchen; it makes the work area much more efficient. The soft glow from under the cabinet makes the room feel cozier, while the family cooks will appreciate the ability to see what they're doing. 

  4. Smart accessories bring the kitchen into the 21st century. Pizza ovens, butcher blocks, and quartz worktops perk up real estate listings, capturing the attention of serious buyers.

  5. Simple facelifts are the least expensive way to make the kitchen more attractive. Freshly painted cabinets, new hardware, and crown molding are just cosmetic, but they impart a feeling of newness that buyers want.

Bathroom Upgrades

  1. Converting a tub to a shower offers a stylish replacement for a bulky, aged tub that is convenient, low-maintenance, and safe. Grab bars and seating can provide additional safety and comfort. Multiple showerheads combine luxury with convenience with little additional cost.

  2. Jacuzzi tubs elevate a comfortable soak to an indoor hot tub experience. Buyers will imagine tired, sore muscles relaxing in their own private spa.

  3. Non-porous acrylic tubs and sinks are stain-resistant and easy to clean.

  4. Upgraded toilets may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering where you spend your remodeling budget, but for a few hundred dollars, you can install a much more comfortable option. Higher models and elongated seats are often preferable for taller individuals. The bidet is also gaining popularity and can be attached to an existing toilet or can be a stand-alone feature.

  5. Cosmetic treatments in a bathroom are all about cleanliness and light. New paint or wallpaper, bright new lighting, and upgraded floor treatments are all inexpensive methods of making an old bathroom feel like new. 

A full kitchen remodel can cost anywhere from about $10,000 to $25,000, but cosmetic treatments can cost just a few hundred. Many renovations recoup 60-80% of the investment when the house is sold. Before you invest unnecessarily in expensive upgrades when putting your house on the market, contact us to discuss the pros and cons of your remodeling efforts. We'll help you make the best choices to obtain the sales price you want. 


Fishing Destinations - White Mountains, NH - Badger Peabody & Smith RealtyYou have to love the outdoor activities when living in a beautiful place like New Hampshire, and fishing is one of the best ways to relax and take in the scenic beauty of our area.

Our real estate agents love to fish around the White Mountains, and thanks to the abundance of fresh water, it's actually considered one of the best places for trout fishing in the US. There are truly dozens of great fishing spots around the White Mountains. If you're looking to cast a line this summer, then go ahead and pack a cooler, grab your pole, and head out to one of our favorite locations.

  • Franconia Notch State Park - Daniel Webster Highway, Lincoln, NH 03251
    Fresh, clean water flows right down the White Mountains and into the Pemigewasset River, which runs through Franconia Notch. Here, you'll find some of the most relaxing, peaceful fishing spots in New Hampshire. Profile Lake, the starting point of the river, is stocked annually with trout, bass, and salmon. This lake is designated for fly fishing only. If you enjoy the park, you might be interested to see some of these Franconia homes for sale just a short drive away.

  • Echo Lake State Park - 68 Echo Lake Rd., North Conway, NH 03860
    The scenery at this gorgeous lake is just breathtaking. Enjoy fishing at Echo Lake State Park. The lake is about 15.7 acres and surrounded by a hiking trail, which makes many of the best fishing spots easily accessible. After you're done for the day, be sure to schedule a tour of one of these nearby North Conway homes for sale.

  • Moore Reservoir - NH-135, Littleton, NH 0356
    Moore Reservoir is a large recreational water destination located on the Connecticut River. It's considered both a cold and warm water fishery. Cast a line and catch brook trout, rainbow trout, smallmouth and largemouth bass, and more. The reservoir is conveniently located near some great Littleton homes for sale.

  • Stinson Lake - 2500 Stinson Lake Rd., Rumney, NH, 03266
    You'll find fresh, clean mountain water and plenty of fish at Stinson Lake—the largest lake in the White Mountains National Forrest. The scenery is beautiful, and the lake is stocked with rainbow trout, lake trout, bass, chain pickerel, and more. There are also some great Plymouth homes for sale just down the road.

  • Squam Lake - 534 US-3, Holderness, NH 03245
    Fish for salmon, trout, bass, and pickerel at Squam Lake. Extending over 6,700 acres with 60 miles of shoreline, it's the second largest lake in New Hampshire. The lake itself actually consists of two connected lakes: one larger lake (Big Squam) and a smaller lake (Little Squam) connected by a small channel that allows boaters to travel between them. If you want this recreational destination in your backyard, there are some great Sandwich homes for sale a few miles from the lake.

Enjoying the great outdoors is easy living in the White Mountains area. To explore local home listings, contact us today.


Passing a Home Inspection - Sellers - Badger Peabody & Smith RealtyA home inspection is a little like a first date. You might have butterflies in your stomach, frightful thoughts racing through your head, and you'll think of a million things that you forgot to do, or that can go wrong before you open the door. But, as with dating, there are some things you can do to sway the odds of a positive home inspection in your favor. By rolling up your sleeves and following these tips from our real estate agents, you'll pass your home inspection with flying colors.

  • Go Through Your Home With Your Real Estate Agent
    Your agent has gone through this process many times. They know what the inspector will look for, and they can help you create a strategy to efficiently tackle any deficiencies with home maintenance, plumbing, wiring, pests, and more. Specifically, they will help you identify damage to your roof, plumbing problems, electrical issues, and other problems that could diminish the home's structural integrity.

  • Take Fido to the Park
    Whether you have the friendliest pug or the sweetest lab, take your pets out of the home for the day. Take them to the park or a friend's house. This is especially important if you have a protective pet that could impede the inspector's ability to inspect the home.

  • Declutter
    Clear out the closets, toss trash from the garage, and dig through the piles of trophies and other accumulation within basements and attics. You should clear the clutter to show the home, and you won't want to move it with you to your new home, so getting rid of it now means it is one less thing to do later. Plus, it will make it easier for the home inspector to gain access to every area of the home.

  • Roll Up Your Sleeves (and pick up the phone!)
    You can fix many minor problems such as leaky faucets and other general maintenance tasks. However, you should hire a professional to repair any issues with HVAC systems, plumbing, electrical, roofing, etc. Even in a seller's market with many fabulous Plymouth homes for sale that need a little work, buyers want "move-in ready" homes that they don't have to put a lot of initial effort into.

  • Ensure the House is Fully Operational
    Ensure that gas, water, and electric systems are connected and operational. You should also make sure that all remote controls or smart home systems are available for the inspector to use when they arrive.

  • Know the Home's History
    Has the home been remodeled by you or a previous owner? If so, was the work performed to code, and were the proper permits secured? Anytime a home is remodeled, it falls upon the current owner to address any deficiencies with remodeling work. The more you know about the status of the work performed on your home, the better.

  • Give Them Time To Work
    Most home inspections take between 2-4 hours to finish. While it is natural to want it to be over with quickly, you should give your inspector time to thoroughly and properly examine the structure.   

Home inspections can be nerve-wracking, whether it's your first time or your tenth. Contact us to learn more about the steps we take to help ensure our clients are ready when the date of their home inspections rolls around. 


Lost River Gorge - White Mountains, NH - Badger Peabody & Smith RealtyHidden away amid the gorgeous White Mountains, you'll find the Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves, which certainly rank among the most amazing natural attractions near Woodstock homes for sale. Shaped by natural processes, this attraction provides a window into the past and a beautiful place to explore in the present. Our real estate agents have the inside scoop on what to expect when visiting Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves.

  • The History of Lost River Gorge
    The modern history of Lost River Gorge began in 1852 when a pair of brothers, Royal and Lyman Jackman, discovered it accidentally during a fishing trip. One brother fell into a hole and landed in one of the Boulder Caves, which led the brothers to explore many of the other caves in the area. The geological history of Lost River Gorge, however, stretches back more than 300 million years, when glaciers reshaped the land during an ice age. Eventually, those glaciers melted, and over time the rushing waters further reshaped Lost River Gorge into the amazing natural spectacle that visitors enjoy to this day.

  • Explore the Boardwalk Trail and Climb the Giant Bird Nest
    Start your journey above ground with a walk on the one-mile-long boardwalk trail that runs along the path of the Lost River, providing excellent views of Lost River Gorge and the surrounding scenery. Then try a climb up the Giant Bird Nest, where you can enjoy unmatched views from above. As you explore Lost River Gorge, you'll also discover a long suspension bridge with even more great views and a unique treehouse that kids are sure to love.

  • Descend into 11 Spectacular Boulder Caves
    The adventure continues below ground, where brave explorers will discover the Boulder Caves, just like the Jackman Brothers did nearly two centuries ago. There are 11 caves to explore in total, with each one having its own unique characteristics. Along the way, you'll discover posted signs with interesting information about each location.

  • Family Fun at the Lost River Mining Sluice
    With its Young Explorers program and fun, educational nature, Lost River Gorge is a great place for a family outing. The Lost River Mining Sluice is the cherry on top, allowing visitors of all ages to pan for gemstones and fossils in the Lost River. For the youngest visitors, the excitement of the Lost River Mining Sluice is often the highlight of the trip.

  • Gain a New Perspective with a Guided Lantern Tour
    Feeling adventurous? The guides at the Lost River Gorge also offer guided Lantern Tours on select nights, allowing you to experience the natural beauty of the area from a whole new perspective. Each lantern tour includes direction from an expert guide, who will take you along the boardwalk and down into the Boulder Caves.

  • Tips for Making the Most of Your Trip to Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves
    The Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves are open to visitors every week from Thursday through Monday, and it's strongly recommended to reserve your spot ahead of time online. During your visit, you can stop at the gift shop to pick up refreshments or bring your own to enjoy a picnic under the covered picnic pavilion.

Searching for a home that makes it easy to explore all of the natural wonders of New Hampshire? Our local real estate team is here to help. Contact us to buy and sell homes throughout the White Mountains area.


New Homeowner To-Do List - Badger Peabody & Smith Realty

Summer is here, and it's a great time to get your new house in order. After visiting the Plymouth homes for sale that caught your eye and settling on the one that stole your heart, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Even if it may not seem like it at first, there are plenty of chores you need to stay on top of as a new homeowner, and the following are 10 tasks you won't want to skip.

  1. Change. The. Locks.
    Our real estate agents cannot emphasize this enough. You have no way of knowing who the previous owner gave keys to over the years. Quite frankly, you don't want to wake up in the middle of the night to find friends of the former owner dropping in for a visit. Always change the locks, reset key codes, and ensure that motion sensors, latches, and other security features are solid and reliable.

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Housewarming Gifts for New Owners - Badger Peabody & Smith RealtyDo you know someone who has recently moved into a new home? You may have thought about bringing them a housewarming gift to help them settle in. Our real estate agents love this tradition and think it's a great way to usher people into a bright future in their new space.

Our list of ideas for housewarming gifts in 2022 will help you find the perfect gift for every new homeowner this year.  

  • Houseplants
    Houseplants are classic housewarming gifts: they're inexpensive, long-lasting, and add a cheerful personal touch to any home. Unless you know for certain that the family has no young children or pets, be sure to choose plants that are non-toxic to both humans and animals. Some classic options include African violets, spider plants, and parlor palms. As a bonus, these plants are also very hardy, so they're easy for even beginner gardeners to care for.
  • Personalized Address Stickers
    Most of us may not send physical mail as much as we used to, but many people still enjoy sending the occasional holiday card or handwritten letter. Personalized address stickers are perfect for quickly adding a return address to the envelopes on those occasions. This gift is particularly nice because it ties the new homeowner's identity to the home itself. This makes the move feel more official, satisfying, and lasting.
  • A Smart Home Device
    If the new homeowner is tech-savvy, they might like to bring more modern conveniences into their home with a smart home system. Even if your recipient already uses these devices, getting them another one will help them to expand their network in their new (and likely larger) home. Just be sure to check which type of device they use – branded smart home products like Google Home and Amazon Echo devices run on their own ecosystem and are not compatible with each other.

  • A Charcuterie Board
    Charcuterie is extremely popular right now. Give your recipients a charcuterie board to help them experiment with this trend in style. Look for a quality board that won't warp, snap, or splinter. If you want to make the gift extra-special, you can get the board engraved with the homeowner's name or phrase that holds special meaning to them.

  • Personalized Ornaments
    Many people like to commemorate milestones in their life with holiday ornaments that tie back to major life events. Giving your recipient a personalized ornament with their address, postal code, or a picture of their home on it will give them a tangible representation of their big move. They're sure to remember the event (and you!) fondly when they hang the ornament up each year.

  • Kitchen Linens
    If you prefer to give practical gifts as housewarming presents, kitchen linens are a great option. A new set of dish towels or kitchen cloths is always useful, especially in a new house where old linens might not have been fully unpacked yet. Choose some with fun patterns that match the décor of the homeowners' new kitchen to show off your attention to detail and ensure your gift doesn't feel generic. 

Want to be the next family to host a housewarming party? Contact us today for more information on any of our listings or to connect with any of our expert staff. 


We are pleased to bring a new feature to our blog, a chat with one of our current sellers in Owl's Nest. Our homeowners at 7 Southwest Spur Road in Thornton, NH have owned their home for many years, and now offer this easy care, gorgeous contemporary ranch with large windows and views on an acre of land. To get a sense of what is like to live in Thornton, NH, we asked a few questions: P&S: At this time, you feel the time is right to leave the beautiful Owl's Nest community. What led you to this decision? [caption id="attachment_3127" align="alignright" width="266"]thornton nh The back deck[/caption] Sellers: We are moving to another state for our second home. P&S: Why is it great to live in the Owl's Nest ranch house? Sellers: We have enjoyed the easy care of the Trex decks in the front and back and the Hardy Plank siding. P&S: What did you enjoy about the area? Sellers: We have loved living at Owl's Nest Resort. We have enjoyed walking all over the picturesque property. The community is extremely friendly and from the very start, we have made wonderful friends. We've enjoyed going to The Sunset Grill and the Activity Center. We also have enjoyed skiing only ten minutes away at Waterville Valley and the magnificent Owl's Nest golf course. P&S:  Where do you shop and dine in the Thornton community and why do you enjoy those places? thornton nhSellers: We often dine at The Sunset Room at Owl's nest. There are numerous places to eat around the area as well. We often go to Plymouth for Chinese food and gourmet dinners as well. In Campton, the Little Red Schoolhouse has the best lobster rolls we've ever had! P&S: What did you look forward to the most when you came to your home in Thornton, NH? Sellers: Our beautiful home has a feeling of coziness and warmth. It's an easy place to live and entertain with the open concept floor plan. There is plenty of storage space and the two car garage is huge and heated for the winter months. [caption id="attachment_3128" align="alignright" width="154"]thornton nh The fireplace[/caption] P&S: What cultural events and other types of events can you recommend to people coming into the community?  Sellers: We attend many cultural events such as: New Hampshire Music Festival in Plymouth every summer, plays and musicals in Lincoln NH at Jean's Playhouse, and music and theater at The Flying Monkey in Plymouth. There's so much to do. P&S:  What events brought you the most pleasure?  Sellers: Skiing in Waterville Valley, kayaking on the Pemi River and hiking in the National Forest which are minutes away. We've had parties at the activity center and dinner parties at each other's homes in Owls Nest. P&S:  What tips would you give to new people coming into the community?  Sellers: Enjoy Owl's Nest, the mountains, the lakes and the wonderful nature all around the area and the house. There are so many beautiful birds around. [caption id="attachment_3136" align="alignleft" width="135"]thornton nh The front porch[/caption] P&S: What were the favorite features of your home? What did you enjoy the most? Sellers: The best features of the house are definitely the front porch and the soaring ceilings and the floor to ceiling stone fireplace. When you enter the house, you get the feel of a lodge up in the mountains. The back deck and electric awning is a place that we enjoy all summer long. Our friends love to come by for coffee in the AM and cocktails in the PM.

For more information about this home in Owl's nest, contact Peabody & Smith Realty today. And to see more on this home, click here.


[caption id="attachment_3077" align="alignright" width="300"]thornton nh 89 Sullivan Drive in Thornton NH[/caption]

**Update: We are sorry, this fine home has been purchased by a new owner, but we have others! Check out our newest listings from the past 30 days.

We are pleased to bring a new feature to our blog, a chat with one of our current sellers of 89 Sullivan Drive in Thornton NH. To get a sense of what is like to live in Thornton NH, we asked a few questions: P&S: At this time, you feel the time is right to leave the beautiful Millbrook Valley community in Thornton. What led you to this decision? Sellers: We grew up "north of the Notch" and have always longed to return there. It is a difficult decision considering how happy we have been in Thornton. [caption id="attachment_3078" align="alignleft" width="300"]thornton nh The View[/caption] P&S: Why is it great to live in the Central NH and Thornton area? What did you enjoy about the western White Mountains? Sellers: Living where we do has allowed for easy access to Interstate 93 which reconnects us to the entire state. We are halfway between two great ski areas, Loon Mountain and Waterville Valley, and a very short drive to many others. The hiking, biking, canoeing and outdoor opportunities are endless! P&S: Where do you shop and dine in the greater Thornton community and why do you enjoy those places? [caption id="attachment_3079" align="alignright" width="300"]thornton nh Coyoto Grill in Waterville Valley[/caption] Sellers: Shopping is conveniently divided between Plymouth and Tilton. It allows for access to all major outlets (Lowe's, Home Depot, Walmart, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Market Basket, Hannaford Brothers, and all the Tanger Outlets – which are numerous. As for dining; the number of favorite restaurants is too many to even begin to mention. However, let me name a few that literally surround us. Waterville Valley is home to the Coyote Grill and its unique menu. Sunday mornings often find us enjoying breakfast at the Sunset Grill in Campton. Lincoln is our mainstay! Rustic River Restaurant, Pub 32, The Common Man, The Gypsy Café and the Woodstock Inn, Station & Brewery are just a few that we frequent and greatly enjoy – and all close to home! P&S: What did you look forward to the most when you came home? Sellers:   The view, the peace and quiet, and the abundant wildlife – everything from deer and moose to song birds and hummingbirds. It is truly a special place and completely different with every season. [caption id="attachment_3080" align="alignleft" width="300"]thornton nh Loon Mountain[/caption] P&S: What cultural events and other types of events can you recommend to people coming into the community? Sellers: The Highland Games at Loon in September are a must. October allows for spectacular foliage in any direction for nearly the entire month. November kicks off the long ski season – we recommend Loon Mountain. December coats the landscape with a white blanket of snow. Take the kids to the Santa Express Train trip at the Hobo Railroad in Lincoln. January, February and March allow for some of the best skiing in the nation. No need to travel to Utah; try Loon Mountain, Waterville Valley, Cannon Mountain, Bretton Woods Ski Area & Resort, Attitash or Wildcat Mountain. All are next door or a very short drive away. April is "mud season" and allows the locals to reconnect with area restaurants in a quiet and relaxed setting. With May comes the first opportunity for bicycling, hiking, swimming, canoeing/kayaking or just sitting back and watching the beautiful New Hampshire summer unfold. June, July and August are loaded with summer events ranging from first class entertainment at Meadowbrook in Gilford, the New England Brew Fest at Loon Mountain, summer theatre at Jean's Playhouse in Lincoln, fireworks not just on the 4th but often, Bike Week in Laconia, Annual League of NH's Craftsman Craftsmen Fair at Mt. Sunapee and throughout the state. There is no shortage of entertainment and amusement opportunities in this centrally located area! [caption id="attachment_3082" align="alignright" width="300"]thornton-nh-home-for-sale-5 The kitchen at 89 Sullivan Drive[/caption] P&S: What events brought you the most pleasure? Sellers: We are avid skiers and this is ski heaven. Couple that with endless hiking trails form novice level to expert throughout the state and we were both active and happy. On the other hand, there were many days spent in our own backyard admiring the view, the beauty and the serenity! P&S: What tips would you give to new people coming into the community? Sellers: GET OUT! There is so much to see, to do and to enjoy! New Hampshire is a wonderful state and offers so much. From the seacoast to the mountains, from the cities to the small village squares: look around and partake, it has it all and you are located at "center stage". [caption id="attachment_3081" align="alignleft" width="300"]thornton nh The "sugar shack"[/caption] P&S: What were the favorite features of your home? What did you enjoy the most? Sellers: We built a "sugar shack" some years ago and it quickly became our favorite gathering place with family and friends. While we never made any maple syrup (never our intent), we did entertain there. With a fully stocked bar, a refrigerator for beer only and a wood stove, it became party central. The laughter, the memories, the stories and so much more made it a hit with us and our guests! It too has a commanding view of the mountains and the valley. P&S: To see this home, and all the area has to offer, click here

[caption id="attachment_3042" align="alignright" width="251"]thornton, nh 89 Sullivan Drive in Thornton, NH[/caption]

**Update: We are sorry, this fine home has been purchased by a new owner, but we have others! Check out our newest listings from the past 30 days.

Sometimes we talk to homeowners and ask them what they like about their home, and about the area in general – where to eat and more. With this home at 89 Sullivan Drive in Thornton, NH, it sounds like you don't ever need to leave the home – even if the power goes out! Here are the 12 Things the Current Owners love about their home at 89 Sullivan Drive in Thornton, NH – and now they offer this home to you!

12 Things We Love About 89 Sullivan Drive in Thornton, NH, by the Sellers

[caption id="attachment_3046" align="alignleft" width="250"]thornton, nh The View[/caption] THE VIEW; 270 DEGREE VIEW OF THE MOUNTAINS; Tecumseh, Cone, Fischer, Welch Dickey and more THE LAND; 15 ACRES OF SERENITY; Trails to wander and measure the growth on new fir & apple trees THE HOUSE; With an exterior finish like you would find on furniture, and the distinctive lines. THE POND; Granted it is association property, yet it is most often deserted. Clear, clean mountain water   THE TENNIS COURTS; Again, association owned yet never used. Never is not overstated THE SUGAR SHACK; The entertainment hub. With a bar and a woodstove it is for entertaining and not for sugaring. More memories and good times have been had here than could ever be imagined. [caption id="attachment_3044" align="alignleft" width="250"]thornton, nh The Pond[/caption] THE STREAM; A small trickle of a stream that bisects the property is a pleasure to wander along. THE WILDLIFE; Deer, moose, bear, fox and other critters call the place home as we do. LOCATION; 16 miles from either Loon or Waterville Valley, it is a skier's choice. Easy access to Interstate 93 makes journeys to Manchester, Boston and the "outside world" convenient. QUIET; Peacefulness interspersed with abundant stars, moon lit nights, and the best that nature has to offer [caption id="attachment_3045" align="alignright" width="252"]thornton, nh The Kitchen[/caption] INTERIOR; All the comforts. Wood heat, pellet heat, oil heat. An upstairs suite that is complete with full bath gives the impression of being a separate and private accommodation for guests. The kitchen is "eye dropping"! When the occasional power outage occurs, life continues comfortably with a 10 circuit generator system. WATERFALLS; Yes there is a grand waterfall within a half mile of the property. It's 100 + foot drop is breathtaking. ** If you are ready to come see this home, now that you know the 12 things these homeowners love…you may decide to add 12 more! To learn more about the home, or to schedule a showing, click here.

[caption id="attachment_3010" align="alignright" width="300"]thornton nh Waterville Valley Resort[/caption] Thornton is home to sports enthusiasts and theatre-goers who appreciate the nature and amenities offered in the community and surrounding areas. The area has more than many ski locations and resorts to enjoy. The White Mountain National Forest alone features 6 hiking trails with inspiring views. Theaters provide arts and culture to locals, new residents and guests. For those seeking to settle down in one of the Thornton NH homes for sale, there are numerous things to do in the heart of New Hampshire. 1. Skiing - Waterville Valley Resort in Waterville Valley offers skiers 220 skiable acres along Mount Tecumseh. The summit elevation peaks at 4,004 feet and there is a vertical drop of 2,020. Let the family ski and play in the pristine snow-covered runs in New Hampshire. 3. Hiking - Rodgers Ledge and Unknown Pond in Berlin allows for a moderate hike of about 12.5 miles. Rodgers Ledge views are reported as breathtaking. Feel immersed in nature, get a glimpse of moose and camp near the Unknown Pond. Enjoy a family camp fire and cool off with a swim after an engaging hike. 4. Arts and Culture - Indulge in a traditional community theatre experience. The Barnstormers Theatre in Tamworth Village was originally built in the 1820s and is now a year-round facility offering superb acoustics with all of the modern comforts. This is the only theatre nationally producing a weekly show in the old summer stock tradition. Speak with our knowledgeable Thornton NH real estate agents to discover a home and community to fall in love with. Enjoy all the family entertainment available in Thornton.