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Christmas Tree Farms - Grafton & Coos Counties, NH - Badger, Peabody & SmithThe holiday season will soon be here. Imagine relaxing in your new home, surrounded by loved ones, gathered around a fresh-cut evergreen tree. The process of visiting a tree farm and selecting your tree can be a lovely way to get into the holiday spirit. Luckily, there are some beautiful tree farms in New Hampshire. Here are a few that our real estate agents recommend.

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Charming Small Towns in Grafton County - White Mountains - Badger Peabody & Smith RealtyNew Hampshire's Grafton County is filled with dozens of cities and towns with gorgeous views, delicious restaurants, outdoor activities, and more. Some of its best locations for both residents and visitors are the charming small towns that often harken back to a simpler time.

To give you an idea of what to expect, our real estate agents have put together a list of our five favorite small towns in the area:

  1. Lincoln
    Like other small towns found in New Hampshire, Lincoln is surrounded by the very best that nature has to offer. Many people who have visited the area in winter have come here for the Ice Castle attraction, consisting of hundreds of thousands of ice caves, an ice slide, and more created in the early winter by a professional ice building crew. Others search for Lincoln homes for sale because of the town's easy access to the White Mountains, some of which will end up staying at the Loon Mountain Resort during their first visit. Before winter arrives, however, you may want to hop on board the Hobo Railroad for a historical train ride that takes you into the White Mountain National Forest.

  2. Sugar Hill
    What this tiny town lacks in population—at last count, it was just above 600 residents—it makes up for in quaintness and relaxation. Sugar Hill is mostly known for its annual Lupine Festival, yet you can always enjoy the sights thanks to its historical homes, wide-open fields, gorgeous farms, and natural beauty. Although we just barely missed it, every June brings blooming lupines that burst forth in pinks, purples, and whites. But don't worry—the rustic Polly's pancake parlor is another favorite for the region and is always serving up the tastiest flapjacks around. If you love small towns, be sure to check out Sugar Hill homes for sale.

  3. Hanover
    Hanover has been on the map for a long time, thanks to Dartmouth College, the students of which make up approximately one-third of its population. What's funny, though, is that many people have no idea there's an Ivy League college near the many Hanover homes for sale. Some of the town's highlights include the lovely Nugget Theater, which offers an intimate theater experience, and the Dirt Cowboy Cafe, far from the normal Starbucks experience. If you decide to visit or live in the area, we suggest you stop by the Hood Museum of Art, which is home to works by Pablo Picasso, Georgia O'Keeffe, and others.

  4. Littleton
    Popular with locals and visitors because of its identification as a river town, Littleton is filled with natural beauty and fun and thriving downtown area. There are many different restaurants and shops found close to Littleton homes for sale, including Chutters, which holds the world record for the longest candy counter at 112 feet. Other hotspots include the Opera House, Little Village Toy & Bookshop, and Lahout's Ski Shop, which is now on its fourth generation of family ownership.

  5. Plymouth
    Last but certainly not least, we come to the college town of Plymouth. Although it's not an Ivy League school, Plymouth State University is a very popular college due to its incredible teachers, varied curriculum, and gorgeous White Mountains background. It simply screams "small town" thanks to its covered bridge, white-steepled church, and charming downtown area. While the town itself offers a variety of shops and cafes near many Plymouth homes for sale, residents and visitors love its proximity to outdoor activities found at hotspots like the Polar Caves, Newfound Lake, and Tenney Mountain.

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By Guest Contributor Joe Viger

Northern New Hampshire has an amazing recreational resource that you may not know about called the Ammonoosuc Rail Trail.  The reclaimed rail line is now a multi-use trail that is about 20 miles one way between Woodsville and Littleton, NH.  The trail's surface is stone dust and gravel with occasional sections of chunkier ballast from the now removed train tracks.  It's a beautiful scenic route passing through woods, alongside fields, over multiple bridges and repeated views of the Ammonoosuc River.

There are a variety of spots to park, so you can tune the length of your trip to your ability and available time.  As an old rail road grade, the elevation change on the trail is minimal and gradual.  
Recently, I enjoyed a ride that was just under 20 miles from Woodsville to Lisbon and back.  I made this trip on a fat bike and that was great, but the trail is well suited to a mountain bike or gravel bike as well.  The highlights of this section of the trail are the two bridges over the Ammonoosuc River and the striking scene of the village of Bath, NH with its famous covered bridge and waterfall.  Biking the trail is fantastic, but it's a great place to walk as well.  The trail is open to ATVs, although I saw none the day I was there.  If you're in the area, get out and enjoy this truly great trail! 
If you're up for a bigger adventure, the Ammonoosuc Rail Trail is part of a longer trip that goes from Vermont to Maine called Cross New Hampshire Adventure Trail.  The 83 mile route strings together rail trails, dirt roads, paved roads and bike paths to navigate across the state passing through Woodsville, Littleton, Whitefield, Gorham and on to Bethel, Maine.
Helpful links to start your adventure:
The Ammonoosuc River
Photo by Joe Viger
A Section of Great Trail with Route 302 Above
Photo by Joe Viger
Old Railroad Trestle Bridge in Bath
Photo by Joe Viger

Contributor Joe Viger is Peabody & Smith Realty's photography partner and you see his work featured in many of our listings and on our website. You can see more of his work at and be sure to follow him on Instagram and on Facebook. 

Emshika-Alberini_Jody-Oliver_Scott-Oliver Well it was a great Mother's Day on Sunday, and I got to visit the Main Street of Littleton and peruse some of my favoritestores with my family.We had the pleasure of eating at Smooch, a café & smoothie bar, which is now under new ownership and open for the upcoming summer season. Peabody & Smith Realty recently had the pleasure in assisting with the sale of Smooch. Smooch had been successfully owned and operated by Emshika Alberini. Emshika was already running a successful downtown restaurant Chang Thai, when she opened Smooch a couple of years ago – but she was ready to return the focus to her anchor restaurant, Chang Thai. Smooch is now owned by Scott & Jody Oliver of Monroe, NH and what great service we received yesterday! They had a couple of wraps on the menu, they were delicious and the ice cream – wow! Creamy, rich and great choice of flavors. Also, with a three year old in tow, I appreciated the play area in the back…so we could enjoy our ice cream while our little one played with the puzzles, games and other goodies. The Oliver's are planning to expand the menu to include more lunch items such as sandwiches, baked goods and more. We have to give some kudos to our commercial team for helping the Alberini's and the Oliver's. Our Commercial Sales Associate Kim Lavoie represented the Alberini's, and Broker Associate Mary Doherty assisted the Oliver's. Kim and Mary both love a good sandwich and baked good…and I'm sure I'll see them at Smooch soon! Also, a big congrats to Emshika for coming up with the idea of Smooch and executing it, and congrats to the Oliver's, who know how to scoop a great cone and more!!     Posted by: Chrissy Smith

276994_147144722049507_323655189_nIt's always great when there is a wonderful event in the North Country, and its especially exciting when new ones are created! It's the "Gathering of the Jack O'Lanterns" on the Ammonoosuc River coming up this Sunday evening, October 30th at 6 p.m. Our Littleton office at 11 Riverglen Lane is located near the river bank, and we are so pleased that our  neighbors at Littleton Bike & Fitness have come up with the great idea, and are working in tandem with the Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce to organize and promote the event. Here's the scooop – Littleton Bike & Fitness is collecting carved Jack O'Lanterns on Saturday and Sunday (10/29 and 10/30), and onSunday evening, they are going out on to the Ammonoosuc River and placing the Jack O'Lanterns on the flat rocks in the river and lighting them! It should be a beautiful scene in the evening, in the river, and just behind the historic Main Street (as an aside, this video shows some of the Main Street and some about the Piano Project and the Weathervane Theatre.) There should be some great opportunities to take photos from the Cottage Street bridge, Riverglen Lane and the Covered Bridge that leads up to Main Street nearMiller's Fare Café & BakeryDave Harkless, the owner of Littleton Bike & Fitness, is always a thought leader – and promoter of great ideas – thanks for coming up with this Dave!. Ammonoosuc_River_Littleton_NHSome_of_the_flat_rocks_where_the_Jack_O_Lanters_will_be_placedThe_Lone_Jack_O_Lantern_waiting_for_friends So far, there is one pumpkin already on a large tree stump in the river…just waiting for his friends! For more information call Dave Harkless at 603-616-6335 or send him an email at We'll post more photos as we get them next week! And remember, you can drop off your pumpkin on Saturday and Sunday. Littleton Bike & Fitness is located on Cottage Street in Littleton. See you Sunday, and please feel free to park in our parking lot (11 Riverglen Lane) and take the short walk down to the river! We look forward to seeing you!  

IMG_0522Well, it's finally happened! We have our first snow of the season last evening/this morning with more in the forecast for the weekend! The seasons in New Hampshire are wonderful, and when the foliage finishes, I love the change over to winter (and I will say, by March, I'm ready for spring!) However, the first snow is one I love to see, as well as our children! I had a nine year old outside this morning creating this mini-snowman near her pumpkin. And her little sister watching from the wings, waiting to be old enough to go out too! We found our winter clothes this morning, the boots, hats, mittens and more and we're ready to go! Soon, all of us who love winter will be ready for skiing at Bretton Woods or Cannon Mtnsnowmobiling through the state of NHsnowshoeing, or perhaps staying inside your home watching the snow fall! Whatever your season or sport, enjoy it!