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Achieving 2023 Home Goals - Badger Peabody & Smith RealtyForget everything you've heard about buying a home in the last two years. The housing market in 2023 is going to be an entirely different affair. Some experts are predicting a more balanced market. But that won't necessarily make homeownership more affordable as interest rates are on the rise.

So, what's a savvy first-time buyer to do? Here are some tips from our real estate agents that will help you bring your homeownership goals to fruition.

  1. Add to Your Down Payment
    Generally speaking, a larger down payment means a lower mortgage rate. One thing to understand is that interest rates are all about risk—they represent the potential for investment losses. For this reason, paying more cash upfront makes you less of a risk to lenders as you have more stake in the property. As such, they are likely to offer you more favorable interest rates.

    Ideally, you want to save enough money for a 20% down payment. But lenders will seldom ask for this much, especially if you have a solid credit score and an excellent debt repayment history. That said, the more you put down, the less you'll pay over the life of the loan.

  2. Make Sure You Have a Great Credit Score
    Here's an industry secret: You don't need a great credit score to buy a house. But it will be harder and more expensive to do so. Your credit score is a crucial deciding factor when applying for a mortgage. See, your credit score isn't just some number. It tells the story of how reliable you are as a borrower and how well (or poorly) you manage your money. Your credit score is yet another metric financial institutions use to assess the risk of lending you money. Typically, the higher your score, the less of a risk you are and the better your borrowing terms will be.

    Considering interest rates are on the rise, it's certainly wise to take measures to improve your credit score. Paying your bills on time and keeping your credit utilization low are just a few ways to do this.

  3. Shop Around for the Best Mortgage Rates
    Getting preapproved before you start house hunting is always a good idea. But remember, dealing with only one lender may not work in your favor. You'll want to shop around and compare interest rates from different lenders. This way, you'll secure a lower rate and even better terms on your mortgage.

    What's more, you may want to consider getting a fixed-mortgage rate. Adjustable-rate mortgages have the advantage of lower interest rates, but they can be more expensive long-term in a market where interest rates are on the rise. A fixed-rate mortgage, on the other hand, offers a consistent monthly payment for the duration of your loan, making it easier to budget.

  4. Consult a Local Professional
    There's a lot of talk about interest rates on a national scale. Bearing that in mind, your local real estate agent is well-versed in your area's current trends, neighborhood characteristics, and the local economy. Such in-depth knowledge can prove invaluable when it's your first time around the block. Whether you want to tour Berlin homes for sale or Bretton Woods homes for sale, your local real estate agent can help you out.

Find the right home for you this year around the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Contact us to learn how we can help you navigate the 2023 real estate market.


Furnishing a First Home - Buy a Home - Badger Peabody & Smith RealtyBuying your first home is such an exciting milestone. But once you're standing in your own empty living room, you realize there's another big step you have to tackle: furnishing that home. When furnishing your Carroll County home, it's important to prioritize the right rooms and items. Take things slowly and embrace your own style. Our real estate agents have a few more specific tips that should prove helpful along the way.

  1. Make a List of Necessities
    Furnishing your home will seem less overwhelming if you're able to nail down exactly what you need. Start by making a list of absolute essentials.

    If you're starting with nothing, this list should likely include a dining table and chairs, a sofa, an entertainment center, a bed, and a dresser. Other furnishings, like a decorative ottoman or a dining room buffet, can wait until after you've purchased the necessities.

  2. Reuse and Recycle When Possible
    You can often lower your furnishing costs considerably by reusing and re-purposing things you already own. For example, perhaps you can use the old coffee table from your first apartment as a shelf for shoes in your entryway. Or perhaps your old dresser could work as a makeshift TV stand once you put a new coat of paint on it.

    Reach out to close friends and family members to see if they have any used furniture you can re-purpose. These items don't have to be your permanent furniture, but they can fill in the gaps until you're able to buy something nicer.

  3. Measure First
    Before you start shopping for furniture for any space, take measurements. Bring these measurements with you to the furniture store, and check them against the dimensions of any furniture you're thinking of buying.

    If your home has narrow halls or doorways, measure those, too. This will save you the headache of having furniture delivered only to discover it won't fit into your home.

  4. Curate Your Style
    Now that you're in a home that's truly your own, you will probably want to decorate it in a way that reflects your own interests and sense of taste. Spend a little time browsing Instagram and magazines. Make note of rooms and furnishings that you love and would like to have in your own home.

    Ideally, you'll discover that the style you love has a certain name. For example, you may realize everything you're tagging is Shabby Chic or Coastal. This knowledge will help you shop for furniture that suits your style. For instance, if you see a sofa described as Shabby Chic, you'll be prompted to take a second look.

  5. Find a Good Consignment Shop
    You don't have to buy all new furniture. In fact, most people prefer to mix a few new pieces with a few secondhand pieces. Consignment stores are great places to find used furniture in good condition. If you can find one that exclusively sells furniture, that's even better.

    Once you find a good consignment store, talk to the owner about the furniture you're still looking for. Often, they'll be happy to keep their eyes open and let you know when something suitable comes in. This approach can help you snag that perfect dresser before someone else gets their hands on it!

Remember, furnishing a home should be fun. Prioritize your purchases, reuse furniture when possible, and take the time to curate your style. Should you still be looking at Jackson homes for sale or North Conway homes for sale feel free to contact us. We'll help you find a gorgeous space that you can enjoy furnishing and decorating to suit your tastes. 


Holiday Cookies - Homeowners - Badger Peabody & Smith RealtyNational Bake Cookies Day is a wonderful way to celebrate the impending holidays while you're looking at gorgeous Berlin homes for sale. This delightful day is right around the corner on December 18, so our real estate agents have put together a quick list of their favorite holiday cookies along with a few storage tips.

Let's start with the recipes:

  1. Basic Sugar Cookies - Sugar cookies are a simple holiday treat that come in a variety of shapes, especially if you have some cookie cutters available. With just a few simple ingredients, you can create a basic sugar cookie that's tasty on its own but can easily be spruced up with frosting, sprinkles, and other favorites. Check out this base recipe to get you started on this holiday delight.

  2. No Bake Grinch Cookies - Perhaps the Grinch started a little rough, but the huge change that he went through—especially his heart that grew three sizes that day—makes him the perfect source of a Christmas cookie. Starting with Oreos, all you need to do is add a few select ingredients, such as green frosting and a heart on top to get everyone in the holiday spirit. These quickly vanish at a party, so be sure to make a second batch for yourself.

  3. Easy Oreo Balls - There are a few different ways you can make Oreo balls, but our favorite is with this four-ingredient, no-bake recipe. All you'll need are Oreos, condensed milk, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. People adore this recipe because you're not dealing with butter or cream cheese, making the batter a cinch.

  4. Sugar Cookie Trees - Sugar cookies are all fine and dandy, but why not make them extra special? The easy-to-follow recipe uses multiple sizes of sugar cookies stuck together with icing. Add a small sugary star on top, and these trees will look so great that you won't know whether to eat them or stick tiny presents under them.

  5. Skillet Cookie Sundaes - No matter what holiday you're celebrating, skillet cookie sundaes will make it much better. As you might expect, these delicious treats are made in mini-skillets that are adorable to serve at a party or to keep for yourself. You can choose a variety of layers and toppings, including graham crackers, cookie dough, strawberries, caramel, and more.

How to Keep Christmas Cookies Fresh

We understand how hard it is not to chow down on an entire cookie platter, especially on National Bake Cookies Day, but we suggest you eat a few of these favorites and store the rest. Here are a few tips to keep cookies fresh for several days:

  • Storing Crunchy Cookies - Airtight containers will trap moisture inside, which is bad news for crunchy cookies. Leave the plastic container or bag partially unsealed.

  • Storing Soft Cookies - These can be stored in a Tupperware-like container or sealed plastic bag. Pro tip: stick a slice of sandwich bread inside to keep the cookies soft but not too soft.

  • Let Them Cool Off - We know you're excited about storing your fresh cookies right away, but let them cool off first. If you don't, the heat and condensation can make them flimsy mess.

  • Freezing Soft Cookies - You can store Christmas cookies in the freezer for up to six months in a sealed container. Icing and frosting may lose their flavor, so you may want to add these toppings when you thaw them out.

The best place to make holiday cookies and other treats is in the comfort of your dream home. Contact us today, and our amazing agents can help make that dream a reality.


Holiday Move - Buy a Home - Badger Peabody & SmithMoving is stressful in its own right, but when you add holidays to the mix, your anxiety can skyrocket. Unfortunately, sometimes you have no choice. While we may not be able to resolve all of your moving issues, our real estate agents have a few tips to make the process a little easier.

  • Create an Organized Plan
    The key to minimizing stress is to eliminate surprises. Research and plan carefully to prepare yourself for all contingencies, but remember to be flexible. In an undertaking as complex as a move, some things probably won't go as planned. Don't let that derail your efforts. Determine when you can book movers, trucks, and storage facilities, if necessary. Make reservations as far in advance as possible. Ask about discounts as well as deposits. Prepare for inclement weather by making sure appropriate clothing is readily accessible. Check off tasks as you go so you don't overlook crucial actions.

  • Plan the Move for Mid-Week.
    The busiest shopping day of the year falls on the weekend before Christmas. That means that traffic conditions are extreme. If you are planning to hire movers to assist you, you may face holiday overtime rates. With Christmas falling on the weekend, you can count on the entire week before being exceptionally busy. If possible, plan your move at least one week earlier.

  • Consider a Move Between Holidays
    Moving after Christmas but before New Year's Day will minimize the hectic time in traffic, allow you to celebrate before you tackle the move itself, and save time and money. If you can schedule a move immediately after Christmas, you'll have several days to move into your new home and have it ready to enjoy the coming year. 

  • Pack Decorations and Gifts Last
    While the rest of the house dissolves into stacks of boxes and bare walls, you can have a safe haven that still feels like home and allows you to enjoy a holiday atmosphere. If you're arriving at your new home before Christmas, clearly label the related boxes so they can be quickly identified and ready to access. Consider minimal decor to shorten set-up time, but include any items that are particularly meaningful to your family. If you are closing on one of our gorgeous Franconia and Holderness homes for sale, you may want to take the time to set out your decorations before you make the rest of the move. That way, when you are exhausted from the move, you can relax and enjoy your beautiful new space, complete with the tree!

  • Create Two Budgets
    Monitoring your financial expenditures is important, but so is your time management. Saving a few dollars is not worth midnight madness when you have stretched yourself too thin. As you budget your cash, be reasonable with how much time you allow yourself to manage the move and enjoy your life. Plan to take time out when appropriate, and you don't take on other projects. It may be the year someone else serves you dinner instead of you taking on all the hosting responsibilities. Your time is valuable. Budget it as judiciously as you would your money. 

If you're relocating and haven't yet found the perfect house, contact us. Our real estate professionals will be happy to help you find it and will probably have plenty of other tips to make the move as smooth as possible. 


Knowing When to Sell - Badger Peabody & SmithSell your house! You're bombarded by ads every day. But how do you know if that's the right move for you? Our real estate agents would like to point out some indicators that the time may have come. 

  • Rising Interest Rates
    The Federal Reserve is raising the prime, which will soon translate to higher mortgage rates. That will make it more difficult for buyers to obtain loans. The wise seller would get the house on the market as soon as possible to avoid a shrinking pool of potential buyers. If this describes you, it means you will also want to buy your new home quickly. Although you may face higher interest rates than your current mortgage, a significant down payment may keep your monthly payment manageable.

  • The Commute is Killing You
    If your home is a long distance from your place of employment, the price of gas and the time spent in traffic may conspire to make your life miserable. If a new job isn't on the horizon, you might consider relocating. Imagine shaving two hours off your work day by reducing the drive. The money you save might make up the difference in a new mortgage.

  • You Need More, or Less, Square Footage
    Looking to transition to a smaller house, a condominium, or a townhouse? There's a good chance that you can cash in on equity sufficient to make your new mortgage less than your current house payment. On the other hand, a cramped house isn't comfortable for anyone. You may find yourself wishing for more square footage. One of our Franconia homes for sale may fit the bill!

  • You're Tired of Home Maintenance
    Newer construction can mean an end to the repairs and an opportunity to spend more time and money on furnishing the house according to your taste. Do you want to experience a new beginning with fresh paint, new fixtures, and a new view from the front window? A profitable sale and a great deal on a new place may mean just the change you have been looking for.

  • The House Doesn't Suit Your Lifestyle
    The way people socialize has changed a great deal in the last few years. More people are entertaining at home than they have in decades. If your home is too crowded to entertain guests or the yard is too small for the garden you want, it may be time to leave it. Many people now work at home and need additional space to work that offers the privacy necessary for the job. Whether you need more room or an updated kitchen, it may be easier to buy a home that works rather than paying for an expensive remodel. 

No one can predict the future, but if recent trends continue, the time to sell and reinvest in a new home is now. But don't rush into a costly mistake. Take the time to review your finances, gather market data for the area, and weigh your choices thoughtfully. Rather than trying to study the market on your own, contact us for assistance. Our licensed professionals will help you gather the information you need to make the best choice. 


Earnest Money Explained - Sell a Home - Badger Peabody & Smith RealtyOur real estate agents know that many sellers go into the process with immediate plans for the money they'll make in their transaction. They may wish to use the proceeds for a new home, so timing is crucial. Or they might have something else in mind that's no less important to them.

Whatever the case may be, there's no time to waste. Jackson homes for sale tend to sell for a higher amount the faster they get on and off the market. There are many things sellers and their agents can do to ensure a property moves quickly.

But there's one factor that's difficult to control: Buyer behavior.

When your house is on the market, you want to meet with serious buyers as soon as possible. Some of the methods used by real estate agents, such as open houses, are especially good for this. But even if a buyer says all the right things at first, there's still a chance they may back out before the end.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to be sure your buyer will see things through? While there's no 100% certain method, there is one traditional approach that can be very effective.

Let's talk about earnest money.

Earnest Money Helps Separate Buyers from Window Shoppers

When a buyer sticks around long enough to make an offer on a home, it's easy to assume the tough part is behind you. But many issues could come up between that moment and closing day. You may be within days of signing on the dotted line, only for a would-be buyer to back out.

In short, they need some "skin in the game." This is the concept of earnest money.

An earnest money deposit is made when a real estate purchase contract is submitted. Unlike the down payment, which is mainly there to impress the lender, earnest money is for your benefit as the seller.

Earnest Money Amounts Can Vary

You've probably heard that a good down payment is about 20%, and maybe even more. But there are no such rules, even informally, when it comes to earnest money. Earnest money can vary from $100 to the whole purchase price. It's ultimately up to you to decide how much earnest money is enough.

When you're thinking about it, consult your real estate agent. Consider the overall market condition, how desirable your home is, and how many other offers you're passing up to follow up with this one. Also bear in mind the buyer's financing may dictate how much cash they have on hand.

Earnest Money Isn't Always a Done Deal

You will receive the earnest money if the buyer terminates the sales agreement. If the transaction goes through, on the other hand, the earnest money is returned to the buyer.

But this isn't always the case. The sales contract may have certain stipulations that allow the buyer to walk away "free and clear." You'll have to agree to these for them to be enforceable. For example, a seller may be allowed to exit the deal if an inspection turns up the presence of mold or other issues.

Requiring earnest money is a terrific way to protect your interests. An experienced real estate agent can do the rest. Contact us to find out more or get started.


Common Fixes Before Selling a Home - Badger Peabody & Smith RealtyOur real estate agents know sellers often think for weeks or even months before putting a home on the market. By the time your property joins the ranks of beautiful Littleton homes for sale, you've given lots of thought to what the sale will mean in the context of your goals.

To get the best deal for your home, it's crucial to take the right steps early—before you even list. If you do, you'll have the opportunity to avoid the most common issues that can slow down a sale or stop the property from getting top dollar. That's well worth the effort!

Even if you list a home "as-is," most buyers are required by their mortgage lender to get an inspection done. If the inspection raises serious worries, many buyers will walk away. So, it can be helpful to schedule your own inspection before listing and use it as a guide to potential repairs.

Which repairs should you take on, and which can wait for a new owner? In most cases, "mandatory" fixes are those required to make the property safe for human habitation. Below that threshold, any repair can be considered optional, but some have a bigger impact on buyers than others.

Here are a few ideas that can be helpful:

  • Roofing Updates
    The average shingle roof is more durable than ever and may last more than 20 years. As they cross the halfway point, though, buyers wonder about being on the hook for a new roof. Repairing and updating the roof can give them peace of mind while going short of a full replacement.
  • Sewer and Septic Fixes
    An aging sewer connection or septic system can cross the line into safety concerns that render a home unfit to live in. If you've noticed mysterious woes like drastically reduced water pressure or frequent clogs, getting a plumber to run a camera through your lines and identify the source can be worth it.
  • Electrical Performance
    Of the most common home inspection findings, nothing rattles a buyer's nerves quite like an electrical issue. If you suspect your wiring is getting unreliable, an electrician can use specialized thermal cameras to seek out hot spots that need to be rewired, typically without having to redo the entire structure.
  • Heating Repairs
    A heater is an absolute must-have before any New Hampshire winter. Furnaces run the gamut in terms of age and technology. Since they're every bit as diverse as the homes on the market, buyers are often keen to ensure they are in good working order before signing on the dotted line.
  • Dead Trees and Trip Hazards
    The house's interior isn't the only place that might need a little attention. Dead trees can become serious hazards in harsh weather, so buyers often want them gone. Likewise, roots, broken pavers, and even old cement walkways can cause trip and fall hazards.
  • Faulty Appliances
    If you'll leave major appliances for the new owners, be sure they work as intended. You will likely need to sign a document attesting that the stove, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and other on-site and built-in devices are functional and safe to operate.
  • Pest or Wildlife Infestation
    Any active infestation is a big hindrance to a home sale. Home inspectors won't necessarily find the evidence unless it's in plain sight, but the law may require you to disclose if the property has had a history of infestation.

Contact us to learn more about real estate opportunities in the Western White Mountains area.


Trick-or-Treating House Prep - Badger Peabody & Smith RealtyProviding candy for trick-or-treaters is a fun way to feel a part of your neighborhood and provide local kids with a fun experience. Keep the kids safe and happy by ensuring your home is ready for them with these tips from our real estate agents.

  • Light up the exterior of your home.
    Aside from preventing break-ins and vandalism, ensuring that your home is well-lit on the outside will help keep kids safe. Check all your exterior lights and consider replacing them with higher-watt bulbs for the holiday. If you have path lights, be sure to turn them on. If you won't be home or aren't offering candy, keep your motion sensor lights on but turn off the porch light and keep your front windows dark so trick-or-treaters know to skip your house.

  • Keep your walkways clear.
    It's especially important for the path from the sidewalk to your door to be clear of any potential hazards. Clear any decor that could be a trip hazard. If you're expecting a freeze, keep the path shoveled and put down some de-icer.

  • Catch up on any repairs.
    Before the big night, check for any missed repairs you've been putting off. Tighten railings and ensure there aren't any paving stones sticking up that could cause someone to trip. If you have stairs up to your porch, ensure the lights illuminating them are in working order.

  • Use LED candles.
    Candlelight creates a delightfully spooky decoration in jack-o-lanterns and other decorations but can be a serious fire hazard, especially if placed where low-hanging costumes could catch the flame. Instead, use LED candles to light jack-o-lanterns and other spooky decor. LED candles in paper lunch sacks lining the walkway offer a great way to keep kids on the right path.

  • Keep pets inside.
    With so many kids and their parents roaming around the neighborhood, it's best to keep pets inside, where you can keep them quiet and safe. Pets are often spooked by seeing so many strangers, especially in strange costumes, and can also react badly to people coming to the door all night long.

  • Test your smoke alarms.
    Plymouth homes for sale typically have smoke alarms installed in all the important places, but after buying the home, many homeowners forget to test the smoke alarms regularly. It's a good idea to test them all before a holiday like Halloween, which can carry with it a fire hazard if you or neighbors are using real candles in the decor. Change out batteries if they're older than a year or if you can't remember when you last changed them.

  • Set your home security system if you're leaving the house.
    Some people prefer to leave on Halloween, and that's understandable. You may have other plans or just not like the doorbell ringing all evening long. If you choose to leave, make sure you set your alarm. Halloween is a fun holiday for children, but it can also be an opportunity for mischief-makers.

Are you hoping to celebrate Halloween in a new home? There's still time! Contact us today to get your search started before spooky season gets underway.


Surprise Seller Costs - Badger Peabody & Smith RealtySelling your home can cost you money before it pays off. You are probably already counting on paying your agent and the closing costs, but our real estate agents recommend also budgeting for miscellaneous expenses. Each situation is unique, and not all of these costs will apply to every sale, but in many cases, you'll have at least a few miscellaneous expenses to cover before your home sells.

  • Interior painting. Holderness homes for sale look more appealing to buyers when they have a new coat of neutral paint on the walls. New paint will erase any wear or soil like it was never there, giving you a chance to pick a buyer-friendly neutral color. Expect to spend around $1,000 on an interior paint job, although you can save a little money if you do the labor yourself.

  • Repairs. As a homeowner, deferred maintenance is almost inevitable, so you most likely have a handful of repair jobs that need to be done before you put your home up for sale. In addition, the buyer may ask you to complete repairs before closing, depending on what the home inspection says. The amount you'll spend varies based on the nature of the repairs, but you can expect to spend anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

  • House cleaning. You may have heard that a house only needs to be "broom-swept" before you sell it, but a clean house will show better and sell better, so it's worth spending a little on a professional cleaning before listing. Even if you choose to do the deep cleaning yourself, consider steam cleaning your carpets by hiring a professional or renting a steam cleaner. Expect to spend a couple hundred dollars on cleaning, less if you do some of it yourself.

  • Storage. If you're living in your home while selling it or renting a smaller place until you find a new home, chances are you'll need to store some of your belongings until after the move. Putting some of your stuff in storage helps you open up your home and make it look more welcoming to prospective buyers. Storage can run you as much as a couple hundred dollars per month.

  • Staging. If you want your home to show its best, you can have it professionally staged. Staging makes your home look magazine-ready and ensures it has that generic look that allows any buyer to imagine themselves living there. Professional staging costs around $1,200, but it can pay off. reports that staged homes sell 88 percent faster and 20 percent more than they would have otherwise.

  • Vacant house upkeep. Even if no one is living in your home, it'll cost you upkeep until it sells. Make sure you consider the cost of regular bills, such as the mortgage and utilities, the cost of lawn maintenance or shoveling, and potentially even the cost of vacant house insurance.

Given the ongoing costs of maintaining your home and keeping it show-ready, you'll want it to sell quickly. Contact us today to get the process started.


Fall Foliage - White Mountains, NH - Badger Peabody & SmithAutumn is here, and the leaves are changing. It's an impressive sight anywhere, but in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, it's something people come to see from miles around. And if you're looking at Holderness homes for sale, then you're in a position to experience the spectacle personally. Here are five ways to see the changing leaves of the White Mountains.

  • Conway Scenic Railroad - 38 Norcross Circle, North Conway, NH 03860
    If you're looking for a relaxing journey through the foliage, Conway Scenic Railroad is the choice for you. Located near North Conway homes for sale, several different excursions are available. For fall foliage, your best option is the Rail Fan's Photo Excursion, a one-day trip in October that provides passengers with multiple opportunities to stop along the way and get pictures of the beautiful scenery.

  • Bretton Woods Canopy Tour - 99 Ski Area Rd., Bretton Woods, NH 03575
    There's no way to get closer to the foliage than this - zip lining down Mount Washington, with trees all around you. Located near Bretton homes for sale, the Bretton Woods Canopy Tour is a three-hour experience that takes you through 16 platforms in the trees. Descend 1,000 feet using nine zip lines, two sky bridges, and three rappels. The tour is open year-round, but the best views are in the fall, as the leaves are turning. It's an experience you won't soon forget.

  • Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway - 260 Tramway Dr., Franconia, NH 03580
    If zip lines are a little out of your comfort zone but soaring above the leaves still sounds fun, then Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway might be more your speed. Located near Franconia homes for sale, it takes you in a cable car to the top of Cannon Mountain—the highest lift-accessed point in New Hampshire. The views on the journey are beautiful, and the view from the summit is even more so—especially on the 360-degree observation deck. Once you reach the top, there are hiking paths, a cafe, and more. The tramway opens in late May and runs through mid-October, so there's plenty of opportunity in the fall months to see the changing leaves.

  • North Country Kayak - Dodge Hill Launch, Old Waterford Rd., Littleton, NH 03561
    If traveling by air isn't your thing, try a trip across the water. North Country Kayak is a calm journey down the river through the beautiful, changing leaves. Located near Littleton homes for sale, this is a good option for getting away from the tourists and enjoying the scenery in a more private setting. You can book a private or guided tour or simply rent a kayak and strike out on your own through Moore Reservoir.

  • DirtVentures ATV Rentals - 514 US-3, Lincoln, NH 03251
    If you're really adventurous, try renting an ATV and getting down and dirty driving through the White Mountains. Located near Lincoln homes for sale, DirtVentures rents off-road, all-terrain vehicles for a thrilling view of the foliage you won't soon forget. You can strike out on your own, but it's better to take a guided tour from their knowledgeable staff who know the area and can show you all the best views. And if you've never driven an ATV before, they're happy to teach you! This is an experience not to be missed.

The changing leaves are just the beginning of what Central New Hampshire has to offer. To learn more, or if you're ready to make New Hampshire your new home, contact us. Find your dream home with the help of our real estate agents.


Beer Lovers Day in Central NH - Badger Peabody & Smith RealtyGet ready to raise your glass! September 7 is National Beer Lovers Day, and we happen to think the local craft beer scene here in New Hampshire is something worth celebrating. 

In honor of what might just be our new favorite holiday, our real estate agents are excited to share their favorite local craft breweries and brewpubs in Central New Hampshire!

  • The Last Chair Restaurant & Brewery - 5 NH-25, Plymouth, NH 03264
    You'll find some of the finest craft brews in New Hampshire at The Last Chair Restaurant & Brewery. Staples like Pistol Pilsner and Sunnyside Juicy IPA are served in their cozy taproom and also available in cans to go. Their kitchen offers a wide range of elevated comfort food, including some of the best specialty pizzas in town. Lots of vegan and gluten-free options are available, and the restaurant and brewery are just minutes away from these Plymouth homes for sale

  • Woodman's Brewery - 195 Peaked Hill Rd., Bristol, NH 03222
    Nestled in the rolling forests just outside Bristol, Woodman's Brewery is a small, family-owned microbrewery that has grown to become a local favorite. Many of their beers are made using local ingredients, and their rustic, homey taproom is a great place to sit, sip, and meet new friends. Woodman's Brewery is a stone's throw from many Bristol homes for sale, and although they don't have a kitchen onsite, customers are welcome to bring in outside food.

  • One Love Brewery - 25 S. Mountain Dr., Lincoln, NH 03251
    The brews at One Love Brewery are always changing, but certain favorites, like their Czech-style pilsner and Dunkel lager, are too good to be taken out of the rotation. This spacious brewery also serves a diverse menu ranging from duck tacos to buffalo-style cauliflower and some truly next-level New England clam chowder. Located a short drive from some lovely Lincoln homes for sale, One Love Brewery also hosts live music in their dog-friendly beer garden on weekends throughout the warmer months. 

  • Woodstock Inn Brewery - 135 Main St., North Woodstock, NH 03262
    Surrounded by the picturesque peaks of the White Mountains, Woodstock Inn Brewery features not only a brewery but also a restaurant, event space, and cozy, New England-style inn. Their beer is widely available throughout the region, but visiting their flagship space near these Woodstock homes for sale offers a chance to tour the brewery, sample a flight of all your favorite beers, and spend the night in a spectacular setting. 

  • Dam Brewhouse - 1323 NH-175, Campton, NH 03223
    Campton's Dam Brewhouse is a great place to sample the full range of beers New Hampshire has to offer. From Irish stouts to New England IPAs, the lineup of new brews at Dam Brewhouse is always changing. In addition to seven rotating taps, they also offer cans to go. Their charming, log cabin-esque taproom is convenient to many Campton homes for sale, and they also serve up some tasty snacks to go with your brew, like hot pretzels and cheese-and-cracker plates. 

  • Shackett's Brewing Company - 26 Central Square, Bristol, NH 03222
    Located right in the heart of Bristol's Central Square, Shackett's Brewing Company is a small brewpub that offers a warm, friendly environment. They brew some fine suds, from the crisp Bristol Blonde to the hoppy Pisquaney Bay IPA. Their food menu features just a handful of offerings, but the BBQ spare ribs and pulled pork sliders are out of sight. 

Contact us today to learn more about life in New Hampshire! If you're on the search for your dream home, our real estate agents are dedicated to helping you find it in Central New Hampshire. 


Potential Home Inspector Questions - Badger Peabody & Smith RealtyOur real estate agents know it's easy to get excited about North Conway homes for sale. As a prospective buyer, however, you should always be careful to take the right steps to protect your interests. One of the most important of these is to hire a home inspector before you go forward on a transaction.

What Is a Home Inspection and Why Do You Need One?

A home inspection job is simple: Document the property's condition from top to bottom and make you aware of any potential issues. A home inspection report is exhaustive, often holding dozens of pages, covering every element of every room (and often, the exterior spaces).

The main issues a home inspector looks for are those that can lead to a large repair bill in the future. If a home inspector finds problems, this can lead to negotiating leverage for potential buyers.

Most conventional home lenders require you to have a home inspection before they come through with funding. Even if you are planning to pay in cash, however, a home inspection is essential. It helps prevent surprises that can complicate homeownership in the future.

Ask the Right Questions to Choose Your Home Inspector

Choosing a reputable home inspector who will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision is vital. As the buyer, you usually pay 100% for the home inspection and often have a time limit. Even if time is tight, compare your options before you decide.

Here are some key questions to ask:

  • "What Do You Check?"
    The major building systems—roof, sewer or septic, and electrical—are the pieces most likely to cause big problems. But detail work is often left to separate experts. Home inspectors confine their work to visual inspection, so their "wiring check" may be limited to flipping light switches in each room.
  • "What Do You Charge?"
    Home inspection costs generally run between $200 and $800. Fees are variable based on the size of the home and the required timeline. Home inspectors are paid on the day of the inspection, so you need to know in advance and make appropriate arrangements.
  • "How Long Have You Been in Business?"
    These days, a reputable business will have reviews on third-party websites like Yelp and Google Reviews. Fake reviews can be posted, but reviews (positive or negative) cannot be removed by the business once written. Check the inspector's statements about their experience against these sources.
  • "Can I Come Along?"
    A home inspector can't cut a hole into the wall or do any other restructuring work that might be unsafe, so there's no reason for a skilled inspector not to have the buyer along. Of course, you might not be crawling into the attic, but you can ask questions and get feedback as the inspection unfolds.
  • "How Long Will It Take?"
    While good inspectors don't mind the buyer, the seller is another story. Most inspections occur during regular working hours, typically when the seller is not home. Schedules are estimates only, but they will give you a sense of what to expect, especially if you want to be present.
  • "Can I See a Sample Report?"
    All observations uncovered during a home inspection should be documented in the form of a report. The standards for these vary widely, although there are industry associations that advocate best practices. In general, the more photographic evidence comes with a report, the more useful it is for you.

Contact us to find out more about White Mountains real estate today.


Staging Mistakes to Avoid - Sell a Home - Badger Peabody & Smith RealtyFirst impressions are key when attracting potential homebuyers; you want them to envision their lives in your house. Home staging is a standard real estate tactic for selling a home quickly, but many homeowners get it wrong. Our real estate agents have compiled the top staging mistakes they see among sellers:

  1. Poor Furniture Staging
    Too much furniture in a living space makes it feel smaller, and buyers find it harder to envision how their furniture will fit into the space. You may love the large sectional sofa in your family room, but is it too large for that area?

    Many homeowners place furniture on the diagonal or push sofas and desks toward walls to make rooms feel larger. Instead, move sitting arrangements toward the center to make living rooms feel spacious. Also, determine where the real estate agent stands to take listing photos to ensure that the furniture doesn't crowd the pictures at those angles.  

  2. Not Repainting Your Home
    Painting is an affordable way to revive your home's appearance. A fresh coat of paint makes your home seem brand new, especially if the walls and ceilings have peeling paint.

    Neutral, light palettes attract buyers looking at
    Bretton Woods homes for sale because they can visualize injecting their personality into your home. If you have bold colors across your home, buyers are put off by the extra effort to paint over your walls when they move in. So, use neutral colors and add color with rugs, pillows, and other accessories.

  3. Personalizing the Décor
    It's natural for homeowners to furnish their houses with sentimental items like family photos and collectibles. But remember that potential buyers don't necessarily share your interests, and a large number of collectibles can be overwhelming to potential buyers. At the same time, your home shouldn't lack any style. Think about staging your house more like a hotel room to appeal to a broad range of buyers.

  4. Forgetting to Stage Storage Areas
    Often, homeowners hide items in closets, garages, and other storage areas when staging their homes. Today's homebuyer is interested in storage space and will check those areas when evaluating your home. Before you stage the house, declutter, donate, or throw away unused items. Then, clean and organize the entryway storage area, pantry, and closets for a neat finish.

  5. Hanging Pictures at Awkward Heights
    Leaving a picture or two on the wall enhances the aesthetics of living spaces. But, the wrong proportion and height can throw things off balance and influence a buyer's first impression. Artwork should take up no more than two-thirds to three-quarters of your wall space and hang 60 inches from the floor.

  6. Ignoring Odors
    You may have gotten used to certain smells in your home, but they can drive away potential buyers. Commonly, homeowners often use air fresheners, scented candles, and chemical fragrances, but some buyers are sensitive to perfumes and strong scents. Also, artificial scents make buyers assume that you're masking unpleasant odors.

    Fresh air is the best way to sell your home. So, open all the windows, empty the litter box, throw away the trash, and have a professional check for mold and other reasons for foul odors.

When you stage a home, you want to provide a lived-in feel but avoid crowding your space with too many personal items. Contact us for more tips to sell your house quickly.


Grafton County Restaurants for Fajitas - Badger Peabody & Smith RealtyFajitas are some of the most popular dishes on a Mexican restaurant menu, and they've also found their way onto the menus of grilles and taverns. The delicious dishes are served with marinated meat, grilled onions and peppers, and wrapped in a tortilla, and are often served with additional garnishes and toppings, including guacamole and sour cream.

The Tex-Mex dish has a day devoted to its deliciousness—National Fajita Day, which falls on August 18. Our real estate agents suggest heading out to one of these Grafton County restaurants to treat yourself to a tasty fajita:

  • Phat Fish - 57 Main St., Plymouth, NH 03264
    You'll find dishes for everyone to enjoy at Phat Fish, which serves food influenced by Mexican, Asian, Cajun, and New England seafood cuisines. For a different spin on the fajita, try the Steak Fajita Sub, which has the traditional elements of a fajita, but it's served on a sub roll and topped with cheese. You'll also find traditional fajitas on the menu with veggie, shrimp, chicken, and steak options or a combination of your favorite two. Each comes with rice, cheddar cheese, lettuce, salsa, and sour cream.

  • Nachos Mexican Grille & More - 179 Main St., Lincoln, NH 03251
    Located off Exit 32 near Lincoln homes for sale, Nachos Mexican Grille & More puts a fun twist on traditional Mexican favorites. The family-run restaurant utilizes fresh, local ingredients to create tasty dishes like the Fajita Tijuana. You can tailor this dish with your choice of chicken, beef, chicken and beef together, or grilled mixed veggies. You'll then be able to add pinto or black beans and, for an extra charge, add on extras like jalapeno or avocado.

  • Cielito Mexican Restaurant - 50 S. Main St., Bristol, NH 03222 
    Cielito Mexican Restaurant
    , located just around the corner from Bristol homes for sale, has gained a loyal following by serving authentic dishes that have been freshly prepared. Even something as simple as cheese dip is elevated as it's made fresh on a skillet and brought to the table. The restaurant's fajitas are made with a combination of grilled green peppers, onion, black refried beans, and pico de gallo. You can choose from several options, including veggie, chicken or steak, or shrimp.

  • Exile Burrito - 161 Main St., Berlin, NH 03570
    Looking for a quick lunch on Fajita Day? Exile Burrito has you covered with a wide range of Mexican-inspired favorites. Order a burrito bowl with your choice of steak, chicken, ground beef, pork, or guacamole, and you can also treat yourself to a side of chips and queso. Be sure to come back for a delicious cheeseburger or pulled pork sandwich, which are also fan favorites.

  • Alburrito's Mexican Restaurant - 106 Main St., Littleton, NH 03561
    If you're looking for bold, Tex-Mex flavor, make plans to visit Alburrito's Mexican Restaurant in Littleton. In addition to traditional fajitas, this local restaurant also offers a variety of specials. Choose from the Honolulu Bowl with a half-pound of steak tips, sauteed pineapple, onions, peppers, and Spanish rice, or try the Paella Marisco featuring haddock, scallops, shrimp, grilled chicken, and chorizo.
  • Lucky Dog Tavern & Grill - 53 S. Main St., Plymouth, NH 03264
    Lucky Dog Tavern & Grill combines two destinations: a family-friendly restaurant upstairs and a fun tavern downstairs. Fajitas are available served with chicken, beef, or both, peppers, onion, and warm tortillas, all served on a sizzling hot skillet. You can also add sides such as guacamole and homemade salsa to your order. In addition to the traditional fajitas, the grill serves Sizzling Portabella Fajitas, a vegetarian option that replaces the meat with portabella mushrooms dipped in a Zinfandel vinaigrette and grilled.

  • Panther Pub & Grille - 21 Main St., Plymouth, NH 03264
    If you're a sports fan and love fajitas, head to Panther Pub & Grille when your favorite team is playing. The pub and grille shows Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox, and Patriots games on HD TVs, so you won't miss a game while you're munching away. Try the Chicken Fajita Wrap with grilled chicken, sauteed peppers and onion, all tossed in Mexican spices and topped with Colby jack cheese. 

Contact us today if you'd like to buy a house and want to see Plymouth homes for sale. Our agents are trained experts who live in the area we serve, and we'll be happy to help you find a new home. 


Handling Disclosures - Sell a Home - Badger Peabody & SmithOur real estate agents know how important it is to you to sell your home quickly and with minimal fuss. Sellers, like buyers, tend to get the best deals when they move fast—and there are still plenty of people out there looking for the right Plymouth homes for sale.

Although it's important to present your property in the best light possible, there are also rules you need to follow. Your real estate agent is a crucial ally, ensuring your home's listing is accurate. A serious oversight can result in penalties or even legal liability down the line.

Details that absolutely must be communicated to a seller are called disclosures.

Disclosures vary from one place to another. For example, there are some parts of the United States where required disclosures include whether or not a crime has ever been committed in the home or whether it has ever been believed to be haunted. Luckily, this is out of the ordinary.

Disclosure laws are usually easy to understand. Not all states define disclosure rules, known as "Caveat Emptor" states. Here, it's primarily the buyer's responsibility to sleuth out anything that might be wrong with the home. This means the buyer must be especially diligent.

Even though New Hampshire features limited disclosures, sellers still have some obligations.

As a seller in New Hampshire, you must disclose the following:

  • Type of Private Water Supply System
    Sellers are generally required to disclose the location, installation date, and any known malfunctions with the private water supply system. The date of the most recent water test and its outcome (especially negative) are also specified under New Hampshire disclosure rules.

  • Private Sewage Disposal System
    Your septic or sewer system connection is another area of concern, and you must disclose much of the same information that applies to the water supply system. In addition, you'll need to include the date on which it was most recently serviced and the name of the servicing contractor.

  • Roof and Wall Insulation
    The type and location of insulation in the home are covered under disclosure rules in New Hampshire.

  • Responses to Specific Questions
    If the buyer or the buyer's agent asks a specific question to you or your agent, you must be truthful in your response. It is unlawful to lie, obfuscate, or conceal information that a "reasonable person" would rely on in deciding whether or not to buy a home.

  • Additional Disclosures
    Since it's up to the buyer not to overlook information that might harm them in the long run, they often use standardized forms to gather certain facts. It's not unusual for a buyer to ask a seller to state that the property contains no underground storage tanks or certain toxic chemicals.

  • Property Inspection Outcomes
    Listing a property "as-is" does not protect a New Hampshire seller from the possibility that the buyer will commission a home inspection at their own expense, usually for $100 to $200. This is a requirement for many lenders, who will not finance a home with significant electrical, roofing, or septic issues.

  • Voluntary Information
    Any information you or your agent "volunteers" to a potential buyer isn't protected by disclosure laws and may be used as the basis of the buyer's decision. It's wise to get on the same page with your agent on what needs to be disclosed and what you will discuss in detail only at the buyer's request.

Have other questions about New Hampshire disclosures? Contact us to find out more or get started.


Listing Your Home - Badger Peabody & Smith RealtyIf you're watching the news about rising interest rates, you may be shaking your head and thinking you missed your window to sell your home at a sizable profit. Our real estate agents would like to assure you this is not the case. Here are several reasons why Plymouth homes for sale are still fetching excellent prices.

  • Not all buyers are concerned about interest rates.
    That may seem to be an absurd statement on its face, but many buyers are also recent sellers. To avoid capital gains tax, they need to re-invest in another home. If they are downsizing, they may have adequate cash to avoid financing altogether or dramatically reduce the balance at the time of purchase. Even though interest rates are rising, many buyers are accelerating their purchasing plans to capture a reasonable rate before reaching higher levels.

  • Housing inventories are low.
    The market is not as competitive as it was in 2021, but there are still fewer homes for sale than buyers. Multiple offers mean sellers can still set high asking prices while remaining competitive. Buyers waiting for prices to come down may find themselves paying much more for rent than anticipated and don't want to see their savings dwindle. Selling prices continue to rise, over 2021, by about 13%. Available homes fell by 28%. This means your equity also remains high.

  • The workforce is changing.
    As many corporations have discovered that offering their employees the opportunity to work from home saves them a lot of money in office space, more workers choose that option. Those employees often seek more comfortable workspace in the form of home offices and, subsequently, larger houses. Americans are spending more time at home and seek entertainment space as well as larger, better-appointed kitchens. They are exchanging their minimalist condominiums for spacious homes to accommodate those desires.

  • New Hampshire offers a great tax climate.
    With the absence of sales and income taxes, as well as a host of others, both corporations and individuals are attracted to the area for financial relief. Additional homebuyers contribute to the low home inventories that are bolstering sale prices. The unemployment rate in New Hampshire was 2.3% as of April 2022, compared to the national average of 3.6%. When you add a low crime rate to a healthy job market, you are looking at attracting home buyers from across the country.

  • Sellers can forgo some repair work.
    Many buyers have been looking for a while for a home that fits their lifestyle and budget. They are often willing to take care of cosmetic details themselves, eliminating the need for sellers to paint and upgrade. That helps the seller on two fronts: minimizing their cost of selling and shortening the time necessary to list the house. This also means the buyers can decorate according to their tastes instead of the neutral color palettes sellers normally choose.

If you're considering selling your home but still have additional questions, contact us. Our friendly professionals will be happy to guide you toward the best decision for your financial plan. 


Kitchen and Bath Updates - Sell a Home - Badger Peabody & Smith RealtyMany sellers are being urged to list their homes without making upgrades based on the current housing market. But our real estate agents can tell you that wise sellers offering Plymouth homes for sale are maximizing their profits by focusing on two specific rooms: the kitchen and the bathroom. They'll be happy to discuss the return on investment potential from budget-mindful improvements to luxury remodels.

Popular Kitchen Features

  1. Kitchen islands top the wish list of the typical home buyer. More people are cooking at home than in decades, and they demand adequate workspace. Doing double duty as home classrooms and even office space, an island is a very attractive feature. This is one of the most expensive improvements you can make, but the increased sales price may be worth it.

  2. Cabinet space is critical to a well-organized kitchen, so if additional cabinets are possible, they deserve your consideration. If not, you may wish to consider installing pull-out shelves or a lazy Susan to maximize hard-to-reach spaces. 

  3. Cabinet lighting does more than brighten the kitchen; it makes the work area much more efficient. The soft glow from under the cabinet makes the room feel cozier, while the family cooks will appreciate the ability to see what they're doing. 

  4. Smart accessories bring the kitchen into the 21st century. Pizza ovens, butcher blocks, and quartz worktops perk up real estate listings, capturing the attention of serious buyers.

  5. Simple facelifts are the least expensive way to make the kitchen more attractive. Freshly painted cabinets, new hardware, and crown molding are just cosmetic, but they impart a feeling of newness that buyers want.

Bathroom Upgrades

  1. Converting a tub to a shower offers a stylish replacement for a bulky, aged tub that is convenient, low-maintenance, and safe. Grab bars and seating can provide additional safety and comfort. Multiple showerheads combine luxury with convenience with little additional cost.

  2. Jacuzzi tubs elevate a comfortable soak to an indoor hot tub experience. Buyers will imagine tired, sore muscles relaxing in their own private spa.

  3. Non-porous acrylic tubs and sinks are stain-resistant and easy to clean.

  4. Upgraded toilets may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering where you spend your remodeling budget, but for a few hundred dollars, you can install a much more comfortable option. Higher models and elongated seats are often preferable for taller individuals. The bidet is also gaining popularity and can be attached to an existing toilet or can be a stand-alone feature.

  5. Cosmetic treatments in a bathroom are all about cleanliness and light. New paint or wallpaper, bright new lighting, and upgraded floor treatments are all inexpensive methods of making an old bathroom feel like new. 

A full kitchen remodel can cost anywhere from about $10,000 to $25,000, but cosmetic treatments can cost just a few hundred. Many renovations recoup 60-80% of the investment when the house is sold. Before you invest unnecessarily in expensive upgrades when putting your house on the market, contact us to discuss the pros and cons of your remodeling efforts. We'll help you make the best choices to obtain the sales price you want. 


Fishing Destinations - White Mountains, NH - Badger Peabody & Smith RealtyYou have to love the outdoor activities when living in a beautiful place like New Hampshire, and fishing is one of the best ways to relax and take in the scenic beauty of our area.

Our real estate agents love to fish around the White Mountains, and thanks to the abundance of fresh water, it's actually considered one of the best places for trout fishing in the US. There are truly dozens of great fishing spots around the White Mountains. If you're looking to cast a line this summer, then go ahead and pack a cooler, grab your pole, and head out to one of our favorite locations.

  • Franconia Notch State Park - Daniel Webster Highway, Lincoln, NH 03251
    Fresh, clean water flows right down the White Mountains and into the Pemigewasset River, which runs through Franconia Notch. Here, you'll find some of the most relaxing, peaceful fishing spots in New Hampshire. Profile Lake, the starting point of the river, is stocked annually with trout, bass, and salmon. This lake is designated for fly fishing only. If you enjoy the park, you might be interested to see some of these Franconia homes for sale just a short drive away.

  • Echo Lake State Park - 68 Echo Lake Rd., North Conway, NH 03860
    The scenery at this gorgeous lake is just breathtaking. Enjoy fishing at Echo Lake State Park. The lake is about 15.7 acres and surrounded by a hiking trail, which makes many of the best fishing spots easily accessible. After you're done for the day, be sure to schedule a tour of one of these nearby North Conway homes for sale.

  • Moore Reservoir - NH-135, Littleton, NH 0356
    Moore Reservoir is a large recreational water destination located on the Connecticut River. It's considered both a cold and warm water fishery. Cast a line and catch brook trout, rainbow trout, smallmouth and largemouth bass, and more. The reservoir is conveniently located near some great Littleton homes for sale.

  • Stinson Lake - 2500 Stinson Lake Rd., Rumney, NH, 03266
    You'll find fresh, clean mountain water and plenty of fish at Stinson Lake—the largest lake in the White Mountains National Forrest. The scenery is beautiful, and the lake is stocked with rainbow trout, lake trout, bass, chain pickerel, and more. There are also some great Plymouth homes for sale just down the road.

  • Squam Lake - 534 US-3, Holderness, NH 03245
    Fish for salmon, trout, bass, and pickerel at Squam Lake. Extending over 6,700 acres with 60 miles of shoreline, it's the second largest lake in New Hampshire. The lake itself actually consists of two connected lakes: one larger lake (Big Squam) and a smaller lake (Little Squam) connected by a small channel that allows boaters to travel between them. If you want this recreational destination in your backyard, there are some great Sandwich homes for sale a few miles from the lake.

Enjoying the great outdoors is easy living in the White Mountains area. To explore local home listings, contact us today.


Passing a Home Inspection - Sellers - Badger Peabody & Smith RealtyA home inspection is a little like a first date. You might have butterflies in your stomach, frightful thoughts racing through your head, and you'll think of a million things that you forgot to do, or that can go wrong before you open the door. But, as with dating, there are some things you can do to sway the odds of a positive home inspection in your favor. By rolling up your sleeves and following these tips from our real estate agents, you'll pass your home inspection with flying colors.

  • Go Through Your Home With Your Real Estate Agent
    Your agent has gone through this process many times. They know what the inspector will look for, and they can help you create a strategy to efficiently tackle any deficiencies with home maintenance, plumbing, wiring, pests, and more. Specifically, they will help you identify damage to your roof, plumbing problems, electrical issues, and other problems that could diminish the home's structural integrity.

  • Take Fido to the Park
    Whether you have the friendliest pug or the sweetest lab, take your pets out of the home for the day. Take them to the park or a friend's house. This is especially important if you have a protective pet that could impede the inspector's ability to inspect the home.

  • Declutter
    Clear out the closets, toss trash from the garage, and dig through the piles of trophies and other accumulation within basements and attics. You should clear the clutter to show the home, and you won't want to move it with you to your new home, so getting rid of it now means it is one less thing to do later. Plus, it will make it easier for the home inspector to gain access to every area of the home.

  • Roll Up Your Sleeves (and pick up the phone!)
    You can fix many minor problems such as leaky faucets and other general maintenance tasks. However, you should hire a professional to repair any issues with HVAC systems, plumbing, electrical, roofing, etc. Even in a seller's market with many fabulous Plymouth homes for sale that need a little work, buyers want "move-in ready" homes that they don't have to put a lot of initial effort into.

  • Ensure the House is Fully Operational
    Ensure that gas, water, and electric systems are connected and operational. You should also make sure that all remote controls or smart home systems are available for the inspector to use when they arrive.

  • Know the Home's History
    Has the home been remodeled by you or a previous owner? If so, was the work performed to code, and were the proper permits secured? Anytime a home is remodeled, it falls upon the current owner to address any deficiencies with remodeling work. The more you know about the status of the work performed on your home, the better.

  • Give Them Time To Work
    Most home inspections take between 2-4 hours to finish. While it is natural to want it to be over with quickly, you should give your inspector time to thoroughly and properly examine the structure.   

Home inspections can be nerve-wracking, whether it's your first time or your tenth. Contact us to learn more about the steps we take to help ensure our clients are ready when the date of their home inspections rolls around. 


Lost River Gorge - White Mountains, NH - Badger Peabody & Smith RealtyHidden away amid the gorgeous White Mountains, you'll find the Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves, which certainly rank among the most amazing natural attractions near Woodstock homes for sale. Shaped by natural processes, this attraction provides a window into the past and a beautiful place to explore in the present. Our real estate agents have the inside scoop on what to expect when visiting Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves.

  • The History of Lost River Gorge
    The modern history of Lost River Gorge began in 1852 when a pair of brothers, Royal and Lyman Jackman, discovered it accidentally during a fishing trip. One brother fell into a hole and landed in one of the Boulder Caves, which led the brothers to explore many of the other caves in the area. The geological history of Lost River Gorge, however, stretches back more than 300 million years, when glaciers reshaped the land during an ice age. Eventually, those glaciers melted, and over time the rushing waters further reshaped Lost River Gorge into the amazing natural spectacle that visitors enjoy to this day.

  • Explore the Boardwalk Trail and Climb the Giant Bird Nest
    Start your journey above ground with a walk on the one-mile-long boardwalk trail that runs along the path of the Lost River, providing excellent views of Lost River Gorge and the surrounding scenery. Then try a climb up the Giant Bird Nest, where you can enjoy unmatched views from above. As you explore Lost River Gorge, you'll also discover a long suspension bridge with even more great views and a unique treehouse that kids are sure to love.

  • Descend into 11 Spectacular Boulder Caves
    The adventure continues below ground, where brave explorers will discover the Boulder Caves, just like the Jackman Brothers did nearly two centuries ago. There are 11 caves to explore in total, with each one having its own unique characteristics. Along the way, you'll discover posted signs with interesting information about each location.

  • Family Fun at the Lost River Mining Sluice
    With its Young Explorers program and fun, educational nature, Lost River Gorge is a great place for a family outing. The Lost River Mining Sluice is the cherry on top, allowing visitors of all ages to pan for gemstones and fossils in the Lost River. For the youngest visitors, the excitement of the Lost River Mining Sluice is often the highlight of the trip.

  • Gain a New Perspective with a Guided Lantern Tour
    Feeling adventurous? The guides at the Lost River Gorge also offer guided Lantern Tours on select nights, allowing you to experience the natural beauty of the area from a whole new perspective. Each lantern tour includes direction from an expert guide, who will take you along the boardwalk and down into the Boulder Caves.

  • Tips for Making the Most of Your Trip to Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves
    The Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves are open to visitors every week from Thursday through Monday, and it's strongly recommended to reserve your spot ahead of time online. During your visit, you can stop at the gift shop to pick up refreshments or bring your own to enjoy a picnic under the covered picnic pavilion.

Searching for a home that makes it easy to explore all of the natural wonders of New Hampshire? Our local real estate team is here to help. Contact us to buy and sell homes throughout the White Mountains area.


New Homeowner To-Do List - Badger Peabody & Smith Realty

Summer is here, and it's a great time to get your new house in order. After visiting the Plymouth homes for sale that caught your eye and settling on the one that stole your heart, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Even if it may not seem like it at first, there are plenty of chores you need to stay on top of as a new homeowner, and the following are 10 tasks you won't want to skip.

  1. Change. The. Locks.
    Our real estate agents cannot emphasize this enough. You have no way of knowing who the previous owner gave keys to over the years. Quite frankly, you don't want to wake up in the middle of the night to find friends of the former owner dropping in for a visit. Always change the locks, reset key codes, and ensure that motion sensors, latches, and other security features are solid and reliable.

    Click Here to


Housewarming Gifts for New Owners - Badger Peabody & Smith RealtyDo you know someone who has recently moved into a new home? You may have thought about bringing them a housewarming gift to help them settle in. Our real estate agents love this tradition and think it's a great way to usher people into a bright future in their new space.

Our list of ideas for housewarming gifts in 2022 will help you find the perfect gift for every new homeowner this year.  

  • Houseplants
    Houseplants are classic housewarming gifts: they're inexpensive, long-lasting, and add a cheerful personal touch to any home. Unless you know for certain that the family has no young children or pets, be sure to choose plants that are non-toxic to both humans and animals. Some classic options include African violets, spider plants, and parlor palms. As a bonus, these plants are also very hardy, so they're easy for even beginner gardeners to care for.
  • Personalized Address Stickers
    Most of us may not send physical mail as much as we used to, but many people still enjoy sending the occasional holiday card or handwritten letter. Personalized address stickers are perfect for quickly adding a return address to the envelopes on those occasions. This gift is particularly nice because it ties the new homeowner's identity to the home itself. This makes the move feel more official, satisfying, and lasting.
  • A Smart Home Device
    If the new homeowner is tech-savvy, they might like to bring more modern conveniences into their home with a smart home system. Even if your recipient already uses these devices, getting them another one will help them to expand their network in their new (and likely larger) home. Just be sure to check which type of device they use – branded smart home products like Google Home and Amazon Echo devices run on their own ecosystem and are not compatible with each other.

  • A Charcuterie Board
    Charcuterie is extremely popular right now. Give your recipients a charcuterie board to help them experiment with this trend in style. Look for a quality board that won't warp, snap, or splinter. If you want to make the gift extra-special, you can get the board engraved with the homeowner's name or phrase that holds special meaning to them.

  • Personalized Ornaments
    Many people like to commemorate milestones in their life with holiday ornaments that tie back to major life events. Giving your recipient a personalized ornament with their address, postal code, or a picture of their home on it will give them a tangible representation of their big move. They're sure to remember the event (and you!) fondly when they hang the ornament up each year.

  • Kitchen Linens
    If you prefer to give practical gifts as housewarming presents, kitchen linens are a great option. A new set of dish towels or kitchen cloths is always useful, especially in a new house where old linens might not have been fully unpacked yet. Choose some with fun patterns that match the décor of the homeowners' new kitchen to show off your attention to detail and ensure your gift doesn't feel generic. 

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