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End-of-Summer Maintenance - Homeowners - Badger Peabody & Smith RealtyIn our region, it's imperative that those end-of-summer maintenance tasks get done before the chill winds blow. Indoors and outdoors, we can easily find tasks that need doing so we can put our property properly "to rest" for the fall and winter. Naturally, that doesn't mean activity ceases within the home you bought from among Franconia homes for sale, but rather that you're shifting with the seasons, battening down the hatches, so to speak, and ensuring all is ready for colder temperatures.

Our real estate agents hear plenty of stories from our clients about what they wish they'd done to prepare for winter, so here are some of them.

  1. Check your rain gutters.
    If you have gutter guards, you're a step ahead by ensuring they won't become clogged with falling leaves. However, you must ensure the covers are intact and in good order. Squirrels and other creatures may be eyeing your gutters as a good place for a nest, so either check them out yourself or have it done. Have any broken sections of your gutters repaired before winter.

  2. Check your roof.
    While you (or someone) is up on the roof, look at your roof, making sure tiles or shingles and metal structures are all in place and in good working order. You want to avoid leaks from melting ice and snow into your home and ice dams along your roof. 

  3. Wash off outdoor wooden structures and concrete surfaces.
    Rent a power washer and wash off the deck or patio, sidewalk and porch, or wooden fences. Renew weatherproofing as needed.

  4. Prepare your awnings.
    If you have fabric awnings, they probably need to be taken down unless they are high pitch or designed to carry a heavy load of snow. If you have metal awnings, they may be left in place if they are aluminum or galvanized steel. If your awnings are subject to rust, take them down, clean and dry them and store them away. 

  5. Touch up exterior paint.
    It may be the exterior doors, eaves, and what have you need some touching up to protect the wood in places where the paint has worn.

  6. Touch up interior paint.
    While in painting mode, open the windows while you still can and touch up the paint indoors. Or repaint the whole interior.

  7. Change the HVAC filter; have your HVAC system serviced.
    The change of seasons is always a great time to get your HVAC serviced, just in time for the winter. Your service tech will look at components that the air conditioner and heating system share, like the air handler, but also components specific to heating, such as the furnace, including burners and heat exchanger. It's also a good time to change the air filter. Remember to do so regularly, particularly if you have shedding pets or burn candles often.

  8. Air seal your home.
    Air seal the minute cracks, holes, and other places where conditioned air can escape, and winter's cold air can get inside. Some of the worst sites for escaping air are around window and door frames, under exterior doors, around wires, cables, and pipes in exterior doors, around baseboards, through gaps between window panes, around attic hatches, and through recessed lighting. Use insulation, caulk, and weatherstripping to air seal.

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