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Clearing Clutter - Sell a Home - Badger Peabody & Smith RealtyIf your home is starting to feel a little cramped and uninviting, it may be time to get rid of the clutter. To create a spacious, bright interior, our real estate agents suggest a home makeover that clears out all the household clutter and creates a welcoming home for potential buyers.

Central New Hampshire is full of green mountains, blue skies, and charming Jackson homes for sale that draw buyers to the area. Before you list your home, make sure you create an inviting atmosphere by clearing clutter that makes your home feel smaller, darker, and less appealing. Take a look at some helpful tips to attract potential buyers.

  • Clear Out the Clutter
    If you're like most homeowners, you're probably shocked by all the clutter that's lurking around your house. It's time to take action and eliminate unwanted or unused items that make your home feel cramped and uninviting. To begin, walk from room to room and take a serious look at the clutter. Go through your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, bedroom closets, and garage to find household items, clothing, linens, and tools you no longer want or need. Pack these items in bags or boxes and take them to a local charity or donation center.

  • Clean Up the Kitchen
    It doesn't take much in any home to make a kitchen feel cluttered and messy. Leaving pots and pans on the stove, dirty dishes in the sink, and greasy spills on the countertops will quickly create an uninviting kitchen. Get rid of old pots, pans, and small appliances cluttering up your kitchen cabinets, so you have space to put things away. If you want to attract buyers, make sure you have a tidy, spotless kitchen that looks and smells like the comforts of home.

  • Brighten Up the Space
    Clutter makes a home feel smaller and darker than it really is, not to mention creating a cramped, chaotic environment. Once you eliminate clutter, your spaces will feel bigger, brighter, and more inviting. It's time to open the windows, sliding doors, and draperies and let some natural light into your home. If you don't get much sunshine, invest in some ceiling fixtures, floor lamps, and table lamps to brighten up your home. Once you declutter, you may even have space for a cozy built-in window seat where you and relax and enjoy the view of your garden.

  • Keep the Furniture Low
    If you have small rooms and lower ceilings, you can make the room feel more spacious by keeping the furniture low. Rather than using bulky armoires or tall bookcases for storage, use low tables and cabinets next to sofas and chairs. Consider benches or ottomans with a storage compartment under the seating area for family rooms and bedrooms. Avoid floating large furniture in the middle of the room unless you have large rooms. This will make your room feel cluttered and block passageways to seating areas.

  • Avoid an Overload of Patterns
    Large, colorful patterns in wallpaper, upholstery, window treatments, and area rugs can add visual interest and excitement to a room unless the room is small with minimal natural light. Overloading patterns in small, dark spaces will make the space feel smaller and cluttered. If you love large patterns with bright, bold colors, go for it, but only in large rooms that get plenty of light. In small rooms, keep patterns and colors smaller and lighter.

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