Carmen Burns

cell: (603) 412-2868
Real Estate Agent Carmen Burns

About Me

How can I not be excited about sharing my love for central New Hampshire with anyone who will listen?

I have lived in this area for over 40 years and I’m still loving it! It’s not difficult to guide folks around and explain the opportunities they will have to enjoy nature in sports like skiing, hiking, kayaking, boating.  But the best part is the view, ah yes, that quintessential real estate term.  We have views all around us, just drive to the supermarket, and you’ve got a view!  Get on the interstate and enjoy the splendor of the mountains all around.

I’ve been in the business world all my life. I come from a real estate family, both my parents and my sister have served clients for decades.  So, when it was time to pick a new career, it was logical that real estate would come into consideration. My husband and I began investing in land about 10 years ago and enjoy doing that. Architecture, landscaping and decorating are some of my hobbies that fit in well with this occupation.

The customer service values I was raised with, have served me well while working as a part of the Peabody & Smith team. I love matching up buyers and sellers to make their dreams come true. Sometimes the road is easy and sometimes it’s not, but my job is to make it as stress free as possible and that is what I strive to do. I enjoy a challenge!

I have a full time, four pawed, assistant. His name is Huggins and he often accompanies me walking land, in the car and more.

When I’m not on the road with clients, I’m on the road on the back of my husband’s  Harley. Yes, with aa big smiley face. Or, I’m crafting an art quilt from my stash of fabric that is overtaking our home. Or, I’m hiking a trail with some of my grandkids. Or, paddling around Stinson Lake. I’m blessed.